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Cambria Expands Their Popular Marble Collection™ with Five New Designs

Nov 8, 2017

Cambria has found success by combining the beauty of natural marble with cutting-edge innovation to create a durable, beautiful quartz surface that can withstand more wear and traffic than most natural stone.

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dg08-thumb.jpg MARVA Design Guide

Summerhill™ by Cambria: Design Information and Inspiration Beyond the Surface

Nov 21, 2017

An anchor of Cambria’s Coastal Collection, Summerhill™ is a twist on the marble-like designs for which the Quartz brand is known.

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fi01-thumb.jpg Fabrication & Installation

Choosing the Correct Countertop Thickness: 2cm vs 3cm

Nov 14, 2017

How thick should your countertop be? It seems like a minor detail, but this decision will affect several aspects of your project. Our featured product for this article is Cambria Quartz; however, you’ll find the information about thickness options and how to make an educated choice useful, no ...

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cb24-thumb.jpg Commercial & Business

Bigger is Better: Neolith Large Format Tiles Offer Expanded Opportunities For Design

Oct 31, 2017

The old adage “bigger is better” certainly holds true when it comes to your surfaces, as demonstrated by Neolith’s large format tiles. Rather than being limited by the size of a natural stone slab, these oversized tiles open new possibilities for flooring, wall cladding, and other ...

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dg07-thumb.jpg MARVA Design Guide

Strata Argentum by Neolith: Design Information and Inspiration Beyond the Surface

Oct 24, 2017

Silver Travertine inspired Neolith’s Strata Argentum, a fascinating blend of silver, grey, and beige colors that can appear rustic or glamorous, depending on the surroundings.

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hl14-thumb.jpg Home & Lifestyle

7 Ways to Incorporate Smart Home Technology in the Kitchen

Oct 17, 2017

Smart living is not about having the newest gizmos and gadgets to keep up with latest trends; it’s about incorporating lifestyle-enhancing technology that encourages healthy habits and helps your family achieve the quality of life you envision.

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np02-thumb.jpg News & Press Releases

Why Did a Tiny House Launch its Cross-Country Tour at MARVA?

Oct 10, 2017

Picture it: a two-unit, 500-square foot luxury home, constructed almost entirely out of one material: from the floors to the walls; from the exterior to the interior; from the kitchen to the living room to the bathroom, and beyond.

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cb23-thumb.jpg Commercial & Business

Why Neolith is the Perfect Surface for Bars and Restaurants

Oct 4, 2017

Restaurants are full of items that can damage vulnerable surfaces. Tabletops and bartops alike are exposed to knives, heat, moisture, stain-prone liquids and more, for hours on end every mealtime. A wayward knife or a spilled glass of wine, and your table could be permanently damaged or stained.

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dg06-thumb.jpg MARVA Design Guide

White Carrara by Antolini: Design Information and Inspiration Beyond the Surface

Sep 26, 2017

For centuries, marble has been a hallmark of luxury and tradition. From architecture to artwork, marble is an ideal building material since it is capable of bearing immense weight. Just think of all those stunning marble columns in ancient architecture!

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gbs01-thumb.jpg Guest Blogger Series

3 Ways to Use Natural Stone in Any Room Design

Sep 20, 2017

Creating the perfect room requires an attention to detail that is at times delicate and, in other cases, brash and bold.

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