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White Moon Quartzite

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Stone Type Quartzite
Color Group White
Origin Brazil
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Learn About White Moon Quartzite

About White Moon Quartzite

White Moon Quartzite is an exquisite natural stone, with a base color of pearly white. Consistent ripples of light greys and taupes accentuate an occasional rivulet of richer greys that even hint at teal, in their deepest tones. Broader dashes of sandy tan complete the horizontal movement. Accentuating the created-by-nature characteristics of this provocative quartzite are wisps of pure grey vertical movement, that defy the stone’s consistent horizontal tonality like a bold strike of lightning.

Live Inventory of White Moon Quartzite

Live Slab Views Lot Number Type Size Location
Enlarge D05346 3CM SLAB 125 x 74 Washington, DC Location
White_Moon_Quartzite_5346_(2).JPG Enlarge D05346 3CM Slab 125 x 74 Richmond, VA Location