Our Mission

We have a passion for stone.

Stone Distributor Since 1987

Decorative Line

MARVA's mission is clear.

We provide quality stone through our 3 core channels of buying, education and distribution.


We excel at buying

  • From the beginning we sought to align ourselves with suppliers that believe in the same core values of quality and service.
  • Our buying process sets us apart in the industry. We cultivate strong relationships with our clients in order to forecast future design trends -- this has become the gateway to our purchasing strategy.


Education is the key to success.

  • MARVA believes that educating our clients builds trust and strengthens relationships.
  • We hold training classes to educate our partners on the expectations of our products during the inspection, fabrication, and installation process.
  • MARVA is ceritifed to offer both architects and designers continuing education classes (CEUs) on our products.
  • Lunch-and-Learn presentations are offered on a regular basis to regularly update architects on the products and services that we offer. 


Marva is a Distributor

MARVA is a wholesale stone distributor that services: 

  • Fabricators
  • Architects
  • Builders
  • Kitchen & Bath Dealers
  • Designers
  • Homeowners

We understand the industry,

because we are in the industry.