Why the Property Brothers Love Neolith Surfaces

Why the Property Brothers Love Neolith Surfaces

January 26, 2017

Drew and Jonathan Scott have made a name for themselves as renovation experts, starring on several HGTV series, including “Property Brothers.” The twins renovate fixer-uppers, helping homeowners create their dream home. And one of the products they love? Neolith Sintered Compact Surfaces.

In their book, Dream Home, published in 2016, Drew and Jonathan include a “dos and don’ts” list, to provide some insight on best practices, when it comes to renovations. In an excerpt published by the Boston Globe, the brothers encourage the use of durable surfaces, to make sure the project lasts and requires little maintenance: “We love materials like quartz and NeoLith for durability and no maintenance… Try to avoid materials that scratch too easily, because you’ll shed a single tear when you scuff them up within the first week.”

“We love materials like quartz and Neolith for durability and no maintenance… Try to avoid materials that scratch too easily, because you’ll shed a single tear when you scuff them up within the first week.”

Property Brothers Dream Home Book

That’s the truth! Neolith is a revolutionary compact surface, that combines high-performance specs, trendy colors, large format, and variable thicknesses that will provide solutions for every application -- countertops, flooring, bathrooms, cladding, facades, and more.

We at MARVA know firsthand the importance of choosing a durable material for your countertops and flooring, and we know that Neolith is the top pick when it comes to ease of care and durability. Neolith combines the very best natural raw material with state-of-the-art sintering technology, to create high-tech, durable slabs that are resistant to scratching, stains, extreme temperature changes, moisture, high traffic, chemicals, and UV rays.

For countertops that withstand a lot of wear, including kitchens, choosing a Neolith surface ensures that you won’t have to worry about damage from hot pans, a wayward knife, harsh cleaning solutions, or stains. They’re easy to clean, since they are non-porous and are able to be fully sterilized, making Neolith countertops one of the most sanitary options.

Neolith Countertops

Neolith can be extended beyond the countertops as well. As the Scotts say in Dream Home, “Most people prefer an easy-to-care-for floor to high-maintenance, allergen-collecting wall-to-wall carpet.” Available in tiles as well as larger slabs, Neolith is an ideal surface for flooring, because it does not stain, is flex-resistant, and will resist scratches and wear from high traffic and moving furniture. And, since Neolith offers a broad catalog of designs, there’s a style that will suit any aesthetic.

Neolith Flooring

Another reason Neolith is ideal for renovations is the thinness of the surface – starting at a scant 3mm thick! Because it is so thin and lightweight, it can be applied right over old flooring or walls – no need to spend time, money, and effort ripping out that old floor or backsplash first. For homeowners or flippers looking at a fixer-upper, this shortcut can drastically cut down on the expense and timeline needed to complete the fixing up!

Neolith Cladding

The Property Brothers know renovations better than nearly anyone, and they know that Neolith truly is an extraordinary surface!

 MARVA is the exclusive distributor of Neolith Sintered Compact Surfaces. A full catalog of Neolith’s residential and commercial offerings is available on our website. To experience the look and feel of Neolith products in person, visit your local MARVA showrooms in Washington, DC, Richmond, Raleigh, or Portsmouth.

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