How to Mix and Match Your Cambria Quartz Designs

How to Mix and Match Your Cambria Quartz Designs

February 28, 2017

Choosing from Cambria’s extensive catalog can be a daunting task. With more than 140 designs for natural quartz countertops, how can you help your homeowner pick just one favorite?

Fortunately, Cambria quartz surfaces can be used in conjunction, in dozens of applications, including counters and backsplash, multi-layer fireplace surrounds, and more -– so you can mix-and-match for a fashion-forward, sophisticated style.

How you match your designs will depend on the aesthetic. Do you want to play it safe with solid shades to give your space a classic, colorblock look? Perhaps you would choose one application highlighting movement and colors, set against a flat, neutral tone? Or are you a daring designer, who would choose two patterns, to really showcase what Cambria – and your home – has to offer?

Much like the Paint Match Tool we discussed on our blog last week, Cambria has taken the guesswork out of coordinating multiple designs. Each design on includes a suggestion for two complementary designs, based on the color palette, design, and texture.

A Word on Backsplashes

When coordinating your backsplash and countertop in the kitchen or bathroom, we recommend starting with the countertop. This is going to be the surface that will need to withstand the most wear and tear, and is the central feature of your space, so it should be a priority for budget and design. From a timeline standpoint as well, the countertops will be installed first, during construction or remodeling, so you have more time to narrow down backsplash preferences. You can even wait until the countertops are in your kitchen, to finalize your backsplash choice. The homeowners may have a better idea of your final vision for their kitchen, once the countertops are in place.

Option One: Pairing Two Solid Color Designs

Two bold, monochromatic designs can add dimension to the space, and promote a classic, timeless feel. Cambria’s Desert™ collection offers a vast selection of designs that have fine patterns, making it easy to find a complementary design. The small flecks or subtle swirls, in this collection’s designs, soften the appearance and add interest. The Desert™ collection features a neutral palette, with pastel blues, taupe, brown, and yellow-gold shades that combine effortlessly.

Cherrybrook / Yorkshire

Option Two: Pairing a Solid Design with a Varied Design

This is the most popular way to delight the eye with multiple applications and styles of Cambria quartz. Whether you showcase the designs next to each other or use them in two separate features, such as kitchen countertops and a kitchen island, you can make a statement with one dazzling, multicolored design, offset by a monochromatic or solid color surface. Cambria’s Waterstone™ collection features watercolor-like texture (hence, “water” stone) and movement in a range of colors, from brick red to white/grey to dark blue-black.

Cannongate / Helmsley

Option Three: Pairing Two Varied Designs

If you plan to use multiple designs that incorporate differing shades and textures, Cambria’s recommendations will be an invaluable resource. Some of the best applications combine designs that are close in color, with contrasting movement. Alternating designs to create stripes on shower or fireplace surrounds is a popular choice, some homeowners aren’t afraid to get creative in the kitchen, too! Choose one pattern with fine waves in neutrals (ie the marble-like veins of Cambria’s Marble™ collection) against a busier pattern with larger swirls and more variance in color.

Brittanicca / Ella

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