Exploring Neolith Estatuario: Design Information and Inspiration

Exploring Neolith Estatuario: Design Information and Inspiration

April 18, 2017

A pinnacle of Neolith’s Classtone collection, Estatuario stands out for its faithful interpretation of Carrara marble. A combination of thick and subtle veins of grey with delicate gold edging, crossing a pure white background, creates a design that exudes elegance and enhances any space with a touch of freshness, class, and beauty.

In the same way that Carrara marble is the essence of luxury, the Estatuario design is in high demand due to the global trend toward using white, veined marbles in residential applications. Estatuario meets this market demand by offering the look of marble, but the durability of Neolith Sintered Compact Surface, opening this trend up to a far broader range of applications.

The Estatuario by Neolith model comes in different variations, with subtle distinctions in marbling and movement. All versions offer a design with a well-distributed and uniform grey vein throughout, which optimizes its use across any type of application or format. Both the E01 and the E05 variations, carried by MARVA, feature mirror-image partners, so that Bookmatch and Endmatch effects can be achieved. This original characteristic offers architects and designers a variety of ways to curate a space using the same material.

Estatuario Slab E01
Estatuario E01 variation, full slab

Estatuario Slab E05
Estatuario E05 variation, full slab

Bookmatched Graphics Demo - Estatuario

Bookmatched Commercial Wall Application - Mango - Estatuario
Bookmatched Estatuario on the wall, desk front, and desk corner.

Bookmatched Residential Fireplace Surround - Estatuario
Bookmatched Estatuario

Technical Information

Estatuario by Neolith is available in two slab sizes and two thicknesses, for a total of four size options. Slabs are available in ¼” thickness (ideal for the skins of a project) and ½” thickness (ideal for horizontal surfaces, such as countertops). Slab dimensions are 125” x 59” or the Jumbo 125” x 64”. Neolith is a lightweight material, weighing only 3.5 lbs/sq ft in the ¼” thickness, and 7 lbs/sq ft in the ½” thickness. This makes transportation much easier for fabricators and installers.

Neolith Sintered Compact Surface is the result of years of research by parent company TheSize, in Spain. Profound dedication to innovation has resulted in technologies that make Neolith unmatched in the industry. Among the most important of these is the Sintering Technology, which subjects 100% natural materials to very high pressures and temperatures, creating unprecedented physical and mechanical features.

What are my Finish Options?

Estatuario is available in two different finishes: the high-gloss Polished finish, which offers a striking mirror shine, and the soft-to-the-touch Silk finish, which is more matte and less reflective.

Estatuario Polished Finish on a Kitchen Island Countertop
Estatuario in Polished finish, on a kitchen island countertop

Estatuario in Silk finish, with a Bookmatched vertical corner, on a reception desk
Estatuario in Silk finish, with a Bookmatched vertical corner, on a reception desk

What are my Edge Profile Options?

When installing Neolith on countertops, you can further customize your project by choosing from three different edge profiles. Since Neolith surfaces are offered in thin, lightweight sheets, homeowners have a variety of edge options to coordinate the aesthetic of the space -- luxurious, minimalistic, rustic, and more.

For a minimalistic, contemporary design, let the thin countertops stay as they are, with the eased and honed edge. Leaving the standard Neolith profile unchanged showcases the signature thinness of the material. This option is less labor-intensive than other edge profiles and has become especially popular in Europe, where the contemporary style reigns. The trend is also growing in the United States, as more and more homeowners select this minimalistic aesthetic for their kitchen.

Estatuario in an Eased and Honed Edge on a Kitchen Countertop
Estatuario in an eased and honed edge on a kitchen countertop

For a look more reminiscent of a large slab of marble or granite, Neolith can be mitered together, to give the countertop edge a thicker profile. With this profile, you can Bookmatch the edges, to achieve unity between the two pieces. There are a variety of options within this edge profile, depending on how thick the mitered edge is – from a traditional 1-2 inches up to 6 inches or even 12, for a bold and glamorous style.

Estatuario in the Silk Finish Mitered Edge on Kitchen Island Countertop
Estatuario in the Silk finish, with a Bookmatched mitered edge, on a kitchen island countertop

Or, go big with the most dramatic choice: a waterfall edge that cascades down the edge of the cabinets to the floor, providing a unified, easy-to-clean look that is resistant to bumps, scratches, scuffs, and other wear. The Waterfall edge also Bookmatches beautifully, giving the appearance of one stunning piece of marble, creating the whole kitchen island or other surface.

Estatuario in the Polished Finish Waterfall Edge on Kitchen Island
Estatuario in the Polished finish, with a Bookmatched Waterfall edge, on a kitchen island

Show me Estatuario by Neolith Install and Example Photos

Since Neolith surfaces are offered in a broad range of thicknesses, starting as compact as ¼ inch thick, they can be used for a wide array of residential and commercial applications: walls, flooring, backsplashes, countertops and more – even a tiny house!

Estatuario Dining Room Table Install

Estatuario on Residential Kitchen Countertops Install

Estatuario Commercial Bathroom Wall Countertop and Vanities Install

Estatuario on Floor for Commercial Elevator

Estatuario in Commercial Building Floor + Residential Kitchen Counterop Install

Estatuario in the Neolith Tiny House Kitchen Countertops and Island
Estatuario in the Neolith Tiny House kitchen countertops and island

Design Tips and Tricks

With a design as classic as Estatuario, a monochrome aesthetic could bring high-end luxury to your space. Imagine flooring, wall cladding, vanities, and backsplashes, all in that posh white marble look.

Estatuario Residential Bathroom Countertops, Wall, Shower, Tile Install

For luxury homes and office buildings hoping to impress, Estatuario is an ideal choice to extend the look of Italian marble throughout the building, like this conference table.

Estatuario Residential Kitchen Tabletop

Also consider mixing designs: classic Estatuario for the kitchen countertops, tabletops, and bathroom vanity tops, with a bold color choice from one of Neolith’s other collections, like a bright shade from Neolith’s Colorfeel line. By combining the old-world classic stone of Estatuario with contemporary color or a rustic wood, you give yourself the option of switching up your décor without having to match any one, strict aesthetic.

Estatuario Residential Apartment Kitchen Countertop and Backsplash

Create another beautiful aesthetic by combining one of the designs from Neolith’s Fusion line, which calls to mind the look of other natural stone, like Basalt Black or Aspen Grey, to give your space a closer-to-nature feel, offset by luxurious accents of Estatuario. The natural look brings a welcoming and warm aura to your home or business.

Whatever design you choose, because of the surface’s lightness and thinness, Neolith can be applied over existing surfaces without adding undue bulk or weight. This saves time and effort in tearing out old tile, flooring, or wall coverings before installing the new surface.

Because Estatuario is such a classic design, it’s easy to match the surface with harmonious paint colors. Stay cutting edge with the current trends, by choosing Greenery by Pantone; or keep it neutral with a Poised Taupe by Sherwin Williams. Other options include shades of grey –- a medium-dark shade like Behr’s Legendary Gray, for rooms where there is plenty of natural light, or a lighter hue like, Valspar’s Metropolis, for rooms that are naturally more dim –- to match the veining in the Estatuario design. A golden shade like Benjamin Moore’s Splendor will draw out the alluring elements of gold in the Estatuario model.

Why Should I Choose Neolith?

Neolith’s Sintered Compact Surface combines the very best natural raw material with state-of-the-art sintering technology, to create a 100% natural and organic surface, ideal for any home or commercial project. Neolith is such a revolutionary surface that it’s a favorite of HGTV’s Property Brothers, Drew and Jonathan Scott! Here are a few of the reasons you’ll love Neolith.

Neolith is Beautiful and Trendy

Neolith brings to life sleek and modern designs, while offering one of the most durable surfaces available on the market today.

Neolith is Sanitary in the Kitchen

Since Neolith surfaces are nonporous and resistant to commercial-grade chemical cleaning solutions, they are one of the most hygienic options on the market for kitchens, food preparation stations, and other applications where sanitation is critical.

Neolith has Exceptional Durability

Neolith combines the very best natural raw material with state-of-the-art technology to create high-tech, durable slabs that are resistant to scratching, stains, extreme temperature changes, moisture, high traffic, chemicals, and UV rays.

Neolith Loves High Traffic

Neolith surfaces are resistant to warping under high pressure or weight loads, making them perfect for flooring in areas with high foot traffic or even heavy machinery.

Neolith is Eco-Friendly

Neolith is environmentally friendly, made of natural materials including clays, feldspar, silica, and mineral oxide, and is 100% resin-free.

Neolith has Abundant Design Options

With an extensive catalog of designs and finishes, including ones that mimic the characteristics of natural stone, wood, textiles, iron and steel, there are nearly limitless options to customize your Neolith surface to suit your aesthetic.

Neolith is Easier for Fabricators

Neolith is offered as an exceptionally slim surface, available in thicknesses as compact as 3mm and up to 12 mm, making it lighter and easier to transport and install than other surfacing options, which makes it cost-effective for fabricators.

Neolith Works for all Your Projects

With the variety of compactness, finishes, and sizes, Neolith is suitable for a broad range of applications, from furniture tops, to counters, to flooring -- allowing designers, architects, and builders to push the boundaries of design.

Neolith is Indoor/Outdoor

Because Neolith surfaces are resistant to extreme highs and lows in temperature, graffiti-proof, UV ray resistant, waterproof and scratch resistant, Neolith can be used for exterior applications as well as interior.

Neolith Will Last

Neolith products are guaranteed by a 15-year material warranty, offering peace of mind that your surfaces will stand up to a lifetime of wear.

Neolith’s Longevity and Guarantee

One of best parts about Neolith surfaces is that choosing the details of your design and customization is the most labor-intensive part, for the homeowner. Once installed, Neolith is virtually maintenance-free. And just for added peace of mind, Neolith surfaces come with a ten-year warranty to ensure the preservation of their beauty for a lifetime.

I’m Ready to See the Design in Person!

Currently in the middle of a renovation or deciding on a design for your kitchen or bathroom? Schedule an appointment to speak with a Galleria consultant or come browse our showroom. You can also get inspired by looking through our gallery.

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