Cambria Expands Their Popular Marble Collection™ with Five New Designs

Cambria Expands Their Popular Marble Collection™ with Five New Designs

November 8, 2017

Cambria has found success by combining the beauty of natural marble with cutting-edge innovation to create a durable, beautiful quartz surface that can withstand more wear and traffic than most natural stone.

As a part of Cambria’s ongoing journey to offer the highest quality surfaces and service on the market, the family-owned company has unveiled five new designs for their Marble collection, offering new interpretations of some of their most popular designs and expanding their catalog to 146 total designs, across nine collections.

“The beauty you see in our new designs represents a dedication to the art of stone no one else can match. Different than other natural stone producers, Cambria’s proprietary and revolutionary production process infuses veining throughout the thickness of the entire slab for a superior appearance and edge detail,” said Peter Martin, Executive VP Sales, Marketing & Business Partner Services at Cambria in a press release.

The five new designs - Brittanicca Gold™, Brittanicca Warm™, Ironsbridge™, Delgatie™ and Highgate™ - embrace current trends of dramatic veining and large movement, as well as warm neutral tones for a stunning contemporary aesthetic for home and business.

Why Choose Cambria?

Cambria quartz offers the best of natural stone, but enhanced for modern life. Each of the 140+ designs is perfected by Cambria and embraces the beauty of natural quartz while enhancing the stone’s durability. Cambria products are harder than granite or marble, rated a 7 out of 10 on the Mohs scale, so their surfaces are less likely to crack or scratch. They’re also heat-resistant, nonporous (so they’re easy to clean), and virtually maintenance free. There is no need to use special cleaning solutions or have the surface sealed – a little soap and water will keep your counters looking brand new. In fact, due to Cambria’s durability, the surface can be used throughout your hose – from tabletops to fireplace surrounds.

Cambria’s surfaces are consistently perfect, making them convenient for future renovations or add-ons to a home or office. As our world is constantly changing and shifting, a property owner will likely want to make changes to their current home or office layout, which would require additional surface space. Rather than worrying about finding a matching slab of marble or granite for the new surface space, Cambria quartz slabs are consistent and can always be matched exactly, so there is uniformity among each surface.

Even before the quartz surface is installed, Cambria makes it easier to envision how the final product will look within a space. With many natural stone designs, it’s imperative to see the slab in person to better visualize how it will look, and the variations in natural stone means that two portions from the same slab can look vastly different. With Cambria quartz, however, you can be certain that the sample will look the same as the entire piece used for your countertop. Take that fragment to any home or business and get a better look at how it works with the light, paint colors, countertops, and your overall design aesthetic without worrying about being surprised by the final product, or having to make a separate trip to see a large stone slab.

Discover the New Designs

Brittanicca Gold™

Brittanicca Gold™ by Cambria – Full Slab

Brittanicca Gold™, by Cambria – Full Slab

Cambria describes the golden ripples of Brittanicca Gold™ as follows: “Flowing, multi-hued streams of copper gold, fog, and translucent greige course through this grand design accompanied by wisps and ribbons of warm earth tones against a temperate white background.” The Brittanicca Gold™ design is a new interpretation of one of Cambria’s most popular selections, the classic white-marble Brittanicca™, but with sunlight-warm tones and golden earth tones to soften the look, making it less sterile and more enticing. The bright copper veins provide an unexpected but luxe look to the design.

With the orange and reddish undertones of this design, it would be stunning paired with a bold crimson, such as Benjamin Moore’s Caliente shade, or a smoky brown with purple tones, such as Benjamin Moore’s Incense Stick. Both shades provide an aggressive burst of color to emphasize the lighter shades of the Brittanicca Gold™ design. Or, the design can be paired with a yellow-beige like Benjamin Moore’s Coastal Path shade, or khaki brown like Elk Horn, for a more monochrome, muted look.

Brittanicca Gold™ by Cambria Countertop and Backsplash - Residential Kitchen

Cambria’s Brittanicca Gold™ Countertop and Backsplash, in Residential Kitchen

For those who want to pair their Brittanicca Gold™ with complementary quartz designs, Cambria recommends the sandy-cream Ironsbridge™ design, also from the Marble Collection™, to match the warm hues, without overwhelming the eye with too much movement from contrasting veining patterns. Another Marble-like option is the Carrick™ design, a stony grey with muted movement that won’t be too busy when paired with the broad waves of Brittanicca Gold™. For an even more understated style, the Dunmore™ design from Cambria’s Desert Collection™ has fine specks of deep and lighter greys, making it an elegant and simple design that would pick up some of the cooler tones of the new design.

Brittanicca Warm™

Brittanicca Warm™ by Cambria – Full Slab

Brittanicca Warm™, by Cambria – Full Slab

Less icy than the classic Brittanicca™ but not quite as vibrant as the new Brittanicca Gold™, Brittanicca Warm™ is Goldilocks-perfect for anyone craving balance. Cambria describes this design as “warm translucent grey veins stream across a temperate white backdrop like venerable old rivers flowing into a fog-bound harbor,” and it’s easy to see why; the arching grey veins are less stark against the softened smoky-beige background, preserving the movement and drama of similar white marble designs, without being overwhelming. The softer hues can be used as a seamless integration to an already-stunning space, or placed against subtler features to steal the show.

Like the Brittanicca Gold™ design, Brittanicca Warm™ pairs well with the castle-like Carrick™ and the not-quite-monochrome Dunmore™, as the warm undertones in both designs complement each other without too much dizzying movement. Either darker design will cause the lighter hues of the marble-like patterns to stand out, bold without being too aggressive or overwhelming. For those who wish to stick with the pale marble designs, Cambria recommends the warm neutral tones of another new design, Highgate™, to pair alongside Brittanicca Warm™.

For your paint decisions, the Paint Match Tool recommends the grey-olive tones of Sharkskin, to bring out the grey veins of the Brittanicca Warm™ design. For less green and a more pure neutral palette, Benjamin Moore’s Stone shade hints at cool undertones to provide balance against the design’s golden undertones. And as with its sister design Brittanicca Gold™, Brittanicca Warm™ is paired by the Paint Match Tool with the lipstick-red Caliente shade or the mustardy Coastal Path shade, each of which would create an entirely unique aesthetic, while blending together beautifully.


Ironsbridge™ by Cambria – Full Slab

Ironsbridge™, by Cambria – Full Slab

In a busy world, bring some tranquility to your space with a design “as inviting as a warm sandy beach, where liquid honey accents mingle with patchworks of grays, whites, and cream,” per Cambria. “This intriguing design beautifully brings together warm and cool tones in delightful harmony,” according to Cambria’s description of the Ironsbridge™ design, making it a perfect versatile choice for the constant DIYer who likes to re-paint or re-work a room more frequently. This design, which has finer, spidery veins and is more subtle than some of the more dramatic Marble Collection™ offerings, can suit nearly any color palette or atmosphere, depending on how it is used and what designs or colors are stacked alongside it.

For harmonious shades, the Paint Match Tool again recommends Caliente and Coastal Path paint options, showcasing how the warmth of Ironsbridge™ can coexist with the boldest and brightest, as well as the more muted shades. The aptly-named Golden Retriever shade, by Benjamin Moore, can provide more warmth to this design while creating an aesthetic that beams with contentment. For classic luxury, the creamy white of White Opulence complements the background of the Ironsbridge™ design perfectly.

Similarly, both Carrick™ and Dunmore™ once again earn a spot in the recommended design pairings, both of which bring out the warm grey veining of Ironsbridge™. Less predictable is the recommendation of Fairbourne™, a buttery shade that almost glows with comforting warmth, which would complete the earthy feel of Ironsbridge™.



Delgatie™ by Cambria – Full Slab

Delgatie™, by Cambria – Full Slab

With a pattern even more subtle than Ironsbridge™ and feather-delicate veins, Delgatie™ is the perfect no-drama pick for anyone looking to convey an atmosphere of peace and stability. Cambria’s description encapsulates it perfectly: “Subtle with flowing white-on-white tonality and warm cross veining, Delgatie’s quiet demeanor blends effortlessly with its surroundings while maintaining its own delightful personality.” The scattered crosshatched veins are almost playful, whereas the faint white-on-white waves maintain interest in the surface.

For a yin-and-yang effect, Cambria recommends pairing Delgatie™ with the Clareanne™ design, also from the Marble Collection™, which features a cool grey base with soft threads of white spreading throughout, making them ideal matches for a subtle but unexpected effect. The almost-pure white Whitehall™ also comes recommended for the purist who would like the effects of natural stone without too much movement to confuse the eye. And again, Carrick™ is recommended to pair with the subtle veins of Delgatie™ without introducing too much new pattern and distraction.

Delgatie™ by Cambria Design Mood Board

Cambria’s Delgatie™ Design Mood Board

Once again, the subtle patterns look striking when paired with the seductive red of Benjamin Moore’s Caliente, and can be dressed down with the less formal tones of Coastal Path. The pinky-brown of Saddle Soap looks warm and beautiful against the whites of Delgatie™, and the green-grey of Carolina Gull offer a cool but inviting aesthetic, as well.


Highgate™ by Cambria – Full Slab

Highgate™, by Cambria – Full Slab

Another option for a softer alternative to white marble, Highgate™ offers “warm neutral tones interspersed with unique fossil-like fragments that add notes of intrigue to this rich and highly refined design,” per Cambria’s description. This design is characterized by swirls of greys rather than sweeping veins, so it’s more consistent from one portion of the slab to the next and would be ideal for smaller applications. Highgate™ is perfect for a space that is less about making a standout impression and more about conveying an ambient stability and calmness.

Bring out the swirling veins by pairing Highgate™ with the velvety grey of the Queen Anne™ design, also from Cambria’s Marble Collection™ and the more assertive sister to Clareanne™. The billowing white veins make a statement without overwhelming the eye. Or stick with a muted colorblock-esque look by posing Highgate™ alongside the rock-solid reliable Carrick™ and Dunmore™ for a less stark take on black-and-white.

Highgate™ by Cambria Design Mood Board

Cambria’s Highgate™ Design Mood Board

Benjamin Moore and Cambria’s Paint Match Tool recommend the flirty Cranberry Cocktail shade to create an energetic but welcoming aesthetic, or Caliente for a more adventurous effect. For an almost coastal feel, the seashell-like swirls of Highgate™ are stunning alongside Silver Marlin for a not-quite-blue cool tone that would brighten a windowless room. For those looking for a white-on-white feel without the sterility, the Moonshine shade evokes an unexpected glow that keeps the shade from feeling blinding.

Cambria Finish Options: Polished or Matte

Each of the five new shades is available in two finishes: the standard Cambria High Gloss finish, which provides a gleaming, mirror-like shine for the surface, or the contemporary Cambria Matte™ finish for an unexpected, tactile experience.

Cambria High Gloss is ideal for those who want to make the maximum impact with their quartz surfaces, or emulate the standard luxury of white marble. The classic shine offers a luxe richness that makes a space feel high-end and sophisticated. Although polished natural stone usually evokes concerns about scratches or scuffs being more visible, Cambria’s durability and scratch resistance ensures that each surface will maintain its uninterrupted gleam without extensive effort by the homeowner.

On the other hand, many designers are embracing the natural and rustic, which can cause some of the gleaming surfaces to feel out of place. With the option of Cambria Matte™, homeowners and designers have the option of adding some unexpected texture and a more natural ambiance. Even better, the Cambria Matte™ finish will not compromise the durability of the surfaces the way honing can cause natural marble to become more porous.

With each of the new additions to the Marble Collection™, Cambria makes it even easier to customize your project to complete your vision, offering 19 different edge options for countertops. Whether you’re looking for something ornate and elegant, sleek and streamlined, or rustic and natural, there’s an option that will provide the perfect finishing touch. Play up the luxury with an ornate, stacked edge, like the Cascade Edge or Bryn Edge, to complete the designer aesthetic. Or embrace the natural stone feel in a modern farmhouse kitchen, complete with a Moraine Edge (also known as Chiseled, Broken Edge or Rock Face), which is hand-finished into a rough cut, as though the stone was chiseled straight from the mountain and brought directly to your home. Value-minded or minimalist homeowners can keep things simple with a Ridgeline edge to showcase the stone’s patterns in an uncomplicated yet bold profile with a slightly rounded corner.

Whatever your vision, Cambria can bring it to life.

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