How to Choose the Right Natural Stone for Your Design Style

How to Choose the Right Natural Stone for Your Design Style

December 29, 2017

Choosing a design style for a space may seem like the hard part, but in truth, the options are just beginning! Stone distributors like MARVA have an enormous selection of stone designs from which to choose, so a guideline like “white stone countertops” may not narrow your choices as much as you expect.

Among each design style, there are different types of stone to choose from, as well as brands and variance even among slabs!

However, that wealth of choice is a good thing. MARVA carries several stone selections, from natural granite and marble, to exotic stones, to sintered compact surfaces, and all-natural quartz composite for added durability and style. Choosing the ideal product for your project is a matter of determining how you use your space, the traffic you expect it to experience, and the ambiance you wish to create. And best of all, MARVA is here to help you make the right choice, from beginning to end.

About your natural stone provider: Antolini Luigi

Antolini Luigi & C is the top producer of quality natural stone, leading the way in technology, quality, and customer service. With more than 50 years in the industry, the Verona, Italy-based company is a worldwide distributor of natural stone.

Antolini merges a respect for the history of each slab with inventive thinking, allowing the company to advance with new technologies. “Constantly evolving, the company has always supported new technology and development in natural stone processing – without forgetting the importance of quality,” Antolini’s story states. That commitment to technology enables Antolini to offer incredibly high quality natural stones that are perfected using their exclusive methods.

Among Antolini’s innovative stone treatment options is the newly-developed Azerocare treatment. Azerocare protects countertops from the most common types of damage, while preserving the native characteristics and colors of each stone. During this advanced treatment process, Antolini transforms their natural stones into extremely durable, bacteriostatic, UV-resistant surfaces. The improved properties of the surfaces protect the one-of-a-kind designs created by nature, and offer expanded application opportunities throughout homes and businesses.

In addition to the traditional sanding, polishing, brush hammering, sandblasting and flaming processes, Antolini offers their exclusive ARF® (Antolini Riven Finish) and AHF® (Antolini Hydro Finish) finishes for natural stone.

Here are some popular design choices, and different stone options you can use to complete your vision.

Design goal: All-White Kitchen

The term “white-hot” has never been more appropriate than when used to describe the popularity of this clean, bright design style! Although this monochrome aesthetic never goes out of style, it is anything but bland. With a broad variety of white stone designs, stone types, and price points, you’re sure to find the perfect white stone for your space!



White Carrara Slab

White marble is the go-to for luxury, and the variety of white selections make it easy to find a perfect match for any design. White Carrara Marble has subtle veins that give the entire lab a greyish look, which can soften the stark whiteness of an all-white kitchen and look more uniform from one section to the next. For bigger movement and variation, the Calacatta OMG design has more prominent veins to create a more dramatic statement and draw attention to your marble.

Calacatta OMG Slab

Marble is one of the softer stones that can stain more easily, especially in light tones. Homeowners who expect their kitchen to experience more traffic, or can expect more spills in their kitchen, may be hesitant to accept the amount of maintenance that white marble requires, whereas those who are using the stone as an accent piece rather than a workhorse may find the classic white marble a perfect choice.


Fantasy White Slab

Granite is perfect for homeowners who want to create a bright, clean look with their white countertops, since it won’t stain or absorb dark liquids. The Fantasy White design seems to glow with a subtle silver undertone, with fine gold veins for an earthy touch. Princess White, meanwhile, has more of a speckled pattern with a more greyish tint, for a slightly less stark effect.

Princess White Slab

The go-to for beautiful, durable natural stone, granite is one of the most low-maintenance selections for natural stone surfaces. When designing an all-white kitchen, granite is a perfect option to avoid staining, which can tamper the fresh and clean look.

Antolini WOW Collection

Taj Mahal Slab

Antolini’s WOW collection includes some of the most exclusive, stunning selections from their quarries. Among the WOW designs, Taj Mahal quartzite has a warm, gold glow that will warm up a kitchen or bath. The pearlescent luminosity creates an otherworldly effect for a luxury aesthetic. And because quartzite is even harder than granite, it is even more scratch-resistant than granite.

Design goal: High contrast

The yin-and-yang effect of contrasting colors creates a contemporary yet timeless aesthetic that makes a statement without the risk of the look becoming dated. Whether you choose a retro black-and-white or update the style with bold colors in light and darks, the differing shades create dimension and interest.


Soft Quartzite

Montblack Slab

Not for the faint of heart, the bold effect of the Montblack soft quartzite fits perfectly against black or grey colors countertops. The unexpected movement is anything but boring, and the contrasting shades create a perfect harmony.

Soft quartzite has a similar appearance and characteristic to calcite-based marbles, but much harder and more durable, which means less maintenance and concerns about staining or etching – perfect for a kitchen countertop.


Black Absolute Super

For the ultimate “yang” to stand out against light cabinet shades, the Black Absolute Super and Black Absolute Medium are true black tones with incredible depth. Opt for the polished finish for a galaxy-like glitter, or have the stone honed or leathered for a flat, satiny matte effect that won’t reflect light (a perfect contrast for a satin-finish paint). Or, if you want a design that embraces contrasting colors, the Black Mercury design has undulating black and white veins for a stylish zebra effect.

Black Mercury Slab

Antolini WOW Collection

Dalmata Slab

The Dalmata marble from Antolini is an ink-blot test in a stone. With dramatic, dark veining and surprising spots of dark black, this design is a stunning study in contrast. The Bianco Lasa Macchia Vecchia design, similarly, has dramatic contrasting veins that make a statement by themselves or set against bold, colorful cabinet shades.

Bianco Lasa Macchia Vechia Slab

Design goal: Bold statement

Maybe you want to make a daring design choice with a dramatic, colorful aesthetic in your space. There are plenty of stone designs that will create an attention-grabbing effect that will create a memory for anyone who sees it.



Bamboo Green VC Slab

Bring a nature-inspired color palette into your interior with the Bamboo Green VC design. The shade as well as the strong veins create a forest-y look that is stunning and unique. With the bold veins, this design stands out best in larger applications that can show how the straight, long veins cut through the entire slab.


Onyx Nuvolato Slab

An unexpected, lesser-known stone, onyx is becoming more trendy for those looking for a stunning, rare luxury for their homes and businesses. A luminous, almost translucent stone, onyx seems lit from within to impart an extraordinary glow to any space. For a bold statement, the Onyx Nuvolato creates an assertive tiger’s eye gold effect that brightens a space. Since onyx can be easily scratched or marred by acids, harsh cleansers or knives, it’s best used to make a beautiful aesthetic statement in a space that doesn’t withstand heavy traffic, like a bathroom vanity, and the gold tones of the Onyx Nuvolato will brighten up a small, windowless space like many bathrooms. For a statement-making design that is more subtle, but will linger in memory, there’s the Onyx Ice Blue design, a glacial crystal bluet that looks as though it has been carved from sapphire.

Onyx Ice Blue Slab

Antolini WOW Collection

Azul Macauba Extra Slab

Antolini has countless designs that make a stunning statement, and the Azul Macauba Extra design is an incredible blue and yellow toned design that is unlike any other stone and will make any guest catch their breath. In a similar vein, the Explosion Blue design is a show-stopper with the ripples of sapphire blue and gold. Each of these blue designs from Brazil will add a pop of glamour and color to your kitchen or bath.

Explosion Blue Slab

Design goal: Rustic and Natural

Rustic, farmhouse-style décor is the latest trend in kitchens. This inviting style is less fussy but no less on-trend than luxury kitchens. By embracing the down-to-earth farmhouse aesthetic is warm, inviting, and coordinated, offering a tidy, contemporary twist to a classic style.


Soft Quartzite

Fanatasy Brown Slab

Fantasy Brown countertops is a neutral shade that can be adapted to nearly any style or décor, including a warm, cozy farmhouse aesthetic. An off-white, tan shade, Fantasy Brown has a sandy tone that perfectly complements a rustic style, with the earthy brown layers of the design that match the ever-present burlap accents that are popular with rustic designs. To complete the earthy aesthetic, a leathered finish allows for a soft feel with varying texture that mimics the movement of the natural stone, emphasizing the straight-from-the-earth quality of the countertops.

Farmhouse color schemes usually include a taupe shade, and Fantasy Brown matches beautifully with these hot tones. For more grey or tan undertones, walls or cabinets painted with Benjamin Moore’s Smokey Taupe would pair well with Fantasy Brown countertops. Or go for a bolder, more purple tint with 2017’s Color of the Year, Poised Taupe by Sherwin Williams.


Soapstone Honed Slab

Soapstone’s flat, warm beauty offers a softer and more rustic aesthetic than gleaming marble or granite. Since its finish is honed or leathered rather than polished, the surface of soapstone is more forgiving of scratches than polished stones. Combined with its acid resistance, and soapstone is a popular choice for kitchens or bar tops, where it’s likely to come into contact with fruit juice or vinegars (think cocktail garnishes). That honed or leathered finish offer a tactile advantage that invites guests to touch the surfaces, which suits the overall welcoming atmosphere of a farmhouse kitchen.

Naica Quartz Slab

Antolini WOW Collection

Farmhouse kitchens aren’t about hogging the attention or making a screaming statement, and Antolini’s gorgeous Naica Quartz design infuses some beauty and warm glow to the look without being gaudy or overbearing. This design, with its feathery veins and olive green undertones embrace the best that the outdoors have to offer. This no-drama design embraces more of an ambient beauty rather than making a statement, warming the space without stealing the show.

Do You Need a Sample for Your Next Project?

MARVA is your partner in natural stone, guiding you to the ideal stone, design, and aesthetic to make your vision come to life. Choosing the exact stone and design is an art and a science, and having a consultant who knows the questions to ask and the products that best suit your needs can help make the building, renovating and designing process easy and stress-free.

For more information about our selection, services, or a sample for a project, please contact us or stop by your local MARVA showroom in Richmond, DC Metro, Raleigh, or Portsmouth. Or, view our Marble, Granite, Quartzite, and Soft Quartzite collections

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