How to Achieve Popular Flooring Styles Using Neolith

How to Achieve Popular Flooring Styles Using Neolith

January 9, 2018

From wood to colored tile to seamless-looking stone – there are countless ways to create a unique look for your flooring. But for all these different styles, there’s one surface that can create the look and remain flawless, even after years of wear.

Neolith Sintered Compact Surface is the result of years of research by parent company TheSize, in Spain. Profound dedication to innovation has resulted in technologies that make Neolith unmatched in the industry. Among the most important of these is the Sintering Technology, which subjects 100% natural materials to very high pressures and temperatures, creating unprecedented physical and mechanical features.

With the wide range of designs that emulate natural elements like stone and wood, from the dramatic to the subtle, as well as a durability that’s unmatched in the industry, Neolith surfaces are perfect for all flooring projects.

Neolith Characteristics

Here are some of the characteristics of Neolith’s award-winning durability:


Neolith can stand up to sharp objects, including keys, knives, and more. Whether the space will be used for food preparation or trafficked by ruthless stilettos, the surface will remain unscathed.


Neolith surfaces stand up to the strongest chemical cleaners without compromising its porosity or appearance, so the surfaces can be completely sterilized – an added hygiene bonus in conjunction with the lack of germ-harboring seams.


Neolith can stand up to the heat created by man or nature, making it perfect for radiant heat flooring systems.


Neolith surfaces won’t absorb liquids, making them stain-resistant and easy to clean. Whether the surfaces are subjected to a mop or a pressure washer, Neolith will hold up!

UV Resistant

The sun won’t cause a Neolith design to fade, making it ideal for outdoor use in sunny climates.

One of the most durable surfaces on the market, Neolith comes highly recommended by HGTV’s Drew and Jonathan Scott, better known as the Property Brothers, who laud the product for its ability to stand up to high traffic, even on stairs. And just for added peace of mind, Neolith surfaces come with a ten-year warranty to ensure the preservation of their beauty for a lifetime.

Technical Information

Most Neolith styles are available as thin as 6mm, which is recommended for flooring. Even in the largest slabs available, Neolith maintains its signature lightness, weighing only 3.5 lbs/sq ft in the 6mm thickness, and 7 lbs/sq ft in the 12mm thickness. This makes transportation much easier for fabricators and installers, and puts far less strain on the supporting materials and framing, making these surfaces more durable in the long term.

The extremely thin, lightweight nature of Neolith slabs is also beneficial for renovation projects. The thin slabs can be installed over existing wall cladding without adding bulk, which also means that there’s no hassle of having to tear up and haul away the old surface.

Neolith also offers a variety of tile sizes, from large format tiles to smaller, standard square and rectangle options to create any flooring design imaginable.

Neolith offers the largest existing sintered stone surfaces for residential and commercial applications, with three large offerings as long as twelve feet, creating a uniquely seamless, cohesive aesthetic for indoor and outdoor use.

Here are some popular flooring styles that you can create using Neolith.

The Look: Patterned Tiles

Using smaller tiles in alternating patterns can create a retro feel that adds interest and an unexpected accent to smaller rooms, particularly bathrooms. From a diner-style black and white, to alternating shades of brown, tan, or grey, Neolith can bring the vision to life.

Neolith offers a variety of tile sizes, from square to rectangle shapes, and large to small options. For patterned looks, the smaller tile options are the ideal choice to make the most of alternating designs and create a bold effect. The 24”x24” tiles are the perfect square for adaptable pattern choices, while the 24”x12” tiles offer a rectangle option for an unexpected twist on the usual checkerboard.

For a contemporary take on the black-and-white tile, you can combine designs from the Classtone collection, such the Blanco Carrara BC01 with its fine spidery veins, with contrasting designs such as the Nero Marquina, which features bright white veining on a deep black base. The marble-like designs provide a sophisticated twist that sets it clearly apart from vinyl tile. The fine veining in these two designs won’t clash or cause the overall look to become too cluttered or busy, but will keep the overall look high-fashion and cosmopolitan.

Alternating light and dark greys are another option for tile patterns, and Neolith’s wide selection of neutral slate designs give you nearly limitless options. Pair a beigey-grey such as Phedra with a deeper grey shade such as Lava, from Neolith’s Fusion collection, for a more subtle contrast that is no less interesting and unexpected, but is a more neutral take on the black and white. Like the Classtone designs, the Fusion collection does have some variation in tone that creates movement rather than a flat monochrome.

Featured Patterned Tile Designs

Blanco Carrara BC01 –  Classtone Collection - Full Slab

Blanco Carrara BC01 – Classtone Collection - Full Slab

Nero Marquina – Classtone Collection - Full Slab

Nero Marquina – Classtone Collection - Full Slab

Phedra –  Fusion Collection - Full Slab

Phedra – Fusion Collection - Full Slab

Lava – Fusion Collection - Full Slab

Lava – Fusion Collection - Full Slab

The Look: Light Wood Planks

Bamboo flooring in particular is trendy right now, as light hardwood becomes more popular. Generally, hardwood floors are popular because of their natural look and because of the advantages they have over carpet. However, hardwood requires regular waxing and polishing to keep your floors looking their best. And if those wooden planks are exposed to too much humidity, friction (such as moving furniture), spills, or shoe styles such as high heels or cleats, they can become damaged or warped and require refinishing.

Neolith’s La Bohéme, on the other hand, require zero maintenance and can withstand nearly anything. This design is “inspired by the trunk of Lebanese cedar, La Bohème stands out because of the play of robust knots and marked lines, which offer movement and depth, and is a faithful interpretation of this noble wood.

La Bohéme is offered in two variations: La Bohéme 01, which displays a bold woodgrain design and dramatic knots, embracing the imperfections that lend character to natural wood; La Bohéme 02, meanwhile, has a more subtle pattern and fewer knots for a more subtle wood tone. As part of Neolith’s Timber collection, La Bohéme allows homeowners to capture the warm, organic aesthetic of natural wood throughout the home.

To capture the look of wood floorboards, La Bohéme has a broad range of slab and tile sizes: large 3200mmx1500mm and 3200mmx1600mm slabs, or tiles sized at 1500mmx1500mm, 1500mmx750mm, and 750mmx750mm.

Natural wood, especially the light wood after which the La Bohéme design is modeled, is popular for homeowners seeking a natural, spa-like ambience in their home. Paired with greenery, it’s a classic palette for an organic, minimalistic atmosphere.

Featured Light Wood Plank Designs

La Bohéme 01 – Timber Collection – Full Slab

La Bohéme 01 – Timber Collection – Full Slab

La Bohéme 02 – Timber Collection – Full Slab

La Bohéme 02 – Timber Collection – Full Slab

The Look: Seamless Stone

If you want an incredible luxury effect that looks like your floors are made from one slab of stone, Neolith is perfect to bring that vision to life! The large format tiles offered by Neolith create a seamless-looking effect, and the consistent perfection of Neolith’s designs allow you to pair the slabs in such a way that the variation in veining and movement is nearly undetectable.

Neolith offers three different sizes for their large format tiles: 3,200mm x 1,500mm (12mm or 20mm thick), 3,200mm x 1,600mm (6mm thick) and 3,600mm x 1,200 mm (3mm or 6mm thick). The extended size is ideal for large applications, such as flooring, because it creates fewer joints and seams and provides uniformity across the design. In flooring, particularly, fewer seams offer fewer opportunities for dirt and debris to collect in the cracks, making it easier to keep floors sparkling.

For the marble-like designs of Neolith’s Classtone collection, such as the Estatuario and Calacatta Gold, the large format tiles can be bookmatched for a stunning design on a large scale, keeping the look cohesive, instead of stilted and interrupted. Walls and floors are ideal opportunities to make the most of the broad movement and long veins of these Classtone designs, and create a jaw-dropping luxury aesthetic.

For something a little less decadent, Neolith’s Fusion collection, which “fuses” the look of stone with the durability of sintered compact surfaces, is also offered in the large tiles. These designs have a subtler pattern so as to keep the overall atmosphere softer and more muted than the dramatic effects of the Classtone designs. Available in a variety of nature-made neutral colors from grey to taupe to beige, this line is perfect for stone-like floors that will look beautiful without overwhelming the space’s design.

Neolith can withstand heavy traffic due to the hardness of the surface. Regardless of the number of visitors to a space, Neolith floors won’t warp or bend, and the larger tiles make maintenance a breeze since tracked dirt won’t get caught in the seams.

Featured Seemless Stone Designs

Estatuario E04R – Classtone Collection – Full Slab

Estatuario E04R – Classtone Collection – Full Slab

Calacatta Gold CG 01 – Classtone Collection – Full Slab

Calacatta Gold CG 01 – Classtone Collection – Full Slab

The Look: Industrial Cement

Poured cement floors are popular for a more industrial look, but cement can easily crack, and is also heavy and can place strain and weight on a building’s foundation. Get the look without the bulk with Neolith designs, including the aptly-named Cement design, which perfectly mimics the look of this industrial-chic trend. In Neolith’s Satin finish, Cement is a dark grey tone with a completely matte look that is less slippery than a high-gloss Polished finish.

For concrete, many trends favor a stained or colored variety to make this flooring option a bit more homey. Neolith’s Fusion collection includes a variety of options that capture the look of cement but offer different tones to suit your design. Concrete Taupe features a brown wash of color and a warmer tone, with its varying colors suggesting the floor has been well-loved. Unlike the Cement design, Concrete Taupe comes in a Silk finish, which provides a subtle shine and soft touch, while also making this option easier to clean.

A similar design with cooler tones is provided by Neolith’s Beton, which also includes varying shades to suggest the floor has been worn, but leans more towards grey coloring than beige and brown. This design “adds a subtle industrial style to settings with a contemporary design, exceeding all technical characteristics,” according to Neolith. In addition to the Satin finish, Beton is offered in Neolith’s Riverwashed finish, which has a more natural texture with slight relief that suggests it has been polished by running water.

As your floors withstand the most traffic of any residential or commercial space, it’s imperative that your flooring can hold up to the wear. Neolith’s scratch-proof nature ensures that your flooring won’t be etched or gouged by heavy furniture, pets, or other hazards, while it’s maintenance-free style will look nearly perfect regardless of use. No more stained carpets, no scrubbing grout, and no concerns about water damage from spills.

Featured Industrial Cement Designs

Cement – Fusion Collection - Full Slab

Cement – Fusion Collection - Full Slab

Concrete Taupe – Fusion Collection – Full Slab

Concrete Taupe – Fusion Collection – Full Slab

Beton – Fusion Collection – Full Slab

Beton – Fusion Collection – Full Slab

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