White Countertop Options for Every Budget

White Countertop Options for Every Budget

June 26, 2018

White countertops are versatile, beautiful, and timeless – no wonder it is one of the most popular colors to use in kitchens and baths! A white surface can make an area feel bright and clean, while different variations in veining – from greys and silvers to beige and tans – can shift the overall ambience to being warm and inviting, or fresh and open.

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At MARVA, we have a wealth of options to choose from when looking for white countertops, including designs to suit all budgets and project needs! Our guide below will show popular choices for every price range:

A Guide To Types of Natural Stone

One of the factors to consider when choosing a design for your project is how you want your surface to perform. Each different type of natural stone has its own properties that influence how much maintenance it will require, and how well it will stand up to traffic.

Here is a rundown of some of the common types of natural stone that we offer:


White marble is a classic option for a high-class, luxury look that can be adapted to nearly any design style. From Michelangelo’s David to the Palace of Versailles, marble has been a cherished symbol of luxury and refinement throughout history — and remains a popular choice for discerning homeowners and builders today. Although this stone requires a bit more diligent care and regular maintenance than some other options, marble can exude sophistication for a lifetime.


As a multifunctional workhorse of a stone, granite is the go-to for beautiful, durable stone. Granite can stand up to water, mild abrasions, and heavy traffic with little wear and low maintenance. In a kitchen, granite is ideal for areas that will be exposed to pooling water, like around a sink, as well as sharp knives and hot pans. Since granite is very bacteria-resistant, there’s no need for the harsh cleaners; soapy water is all you need to wipe away any dust or dirt, making it perfect for a kitchen, where hygiene is paramount.


Quartzite is a natural stone that is taking center stage in the design world, as appreciation grows for its marble-like appearance, granite-like durability and application possibilities. Quartzite is a naturally strong, heat-resistant stone that can appear similar to marble, but with enhanced performance. The quality of quartzite does vary, however, and heavy use or lack of proper care can cause etching, staining or scratching.

Pricing a Countertop Project

Many homeowners on a budget have questions about how much their countertop project will cost. Although we group our surfaces into pricing tiers based on a general price range, the overall investment of each project will vary based on several factors, including how much material is needed, the scope of work to remove old countertops, and cut and install the new ones, the edging and finish of the stone, and more.

A stone’s design, as well as its exclusivity, affect its price by influencing how much of the surface will be needed to create a cohesive design. Designs that have broad movement and very distinctive veining will require more time and material, as pieces will need to be matched carefully to avoid a disjointed look. Similarly, if you desire an ornate, stacked edge to your countertop, the fabricator will have to use more stone to create the desired effect. Lastly, spaces that require several pieces of stone to be specially shaped and matched together will require additional fabrication.

Affordable White Countertops

For homeowners on a budget, MARVA has a range of popular styles that are affordable.

Thunder White: Thunder white granite has linear veins and speckles of grey, giving the overall stone a silvery tone as opposed to a stark white. Because the movement in this design, which is quarried in India, is more fine and uniform, it’s easy to get a matching look in both large and small applications.

The grey tones in Thunder White pair perfectly with the popular grey cabinet shades, as well as taupe and slate blue. Polish this design for a high-gloss luxury finish, or have it honed or leathered for a more rustic appeal.

Alaska White: Alaska White granite, from Brazil, is characterized by its unique patchwork of grey, black, and white stone throughout its surface, making it an unexpected alternative to the long veining of other styles. Each slab varies with different tones, so you can choose a darker or lighter effect depending on your design preference. Some have greater variation in colors, while the pattern in other slabs is more consistent, so it’s easy to find exactly the type you want. With so many varying colors, this stone would pair well with a soft off-white color on the cabinets or backsplash.


Valley White: A warmer variation to the traditional white countertop, Valley White granite features speckles of brown and grey throughout the design. Since this Indian stone has less clear direction or linear movement, there’s less concern about matching up pieces within a design, making this stone easier to work with. The warmer tones make it a more inviting option for a country-style kitchen.

Mid-Range White Countertops

Homeowners looking for a style that is more exclusive, but still within the range of affordability, have plenty of options at MARVA.

Fantasy White: An ethereal silver-white stone with delicate gold veins, Fantasy White granite is a stunning design choice for homeowners who want a statement-making countertop. For designers who want a more cool interpretation of white granite, this Brazilian design is almost pearlescent, ideal for those designing a luxury, modern kitchen.

White Eyes Extra: White Eyes Extra granite features a white background interspersed with flecks of black and grey, as well as subtle blooms of tan throughout. The fine spray of grey over this stone, which comes from Brazil, gives it a slightly darker overall effect, making it ideal for a homeowner who wants to avoid a sterile look. The overall consistency of the movement keeps it from drawing the eye too abruptly, meaning this countertop can mesh well with other bold colors on backsplashes or furniture accents in the kitchen.

Everest White: This granite incorporates undulations of brown and grey throughout the surface, with unique variations between slabs, so no two countertops will look the same! This design is a fairly neutral option for a countertop, without movement that will steal the show, while remaining beautiful and timeless. Modern, retro, farmhouse, or luxury – whatever your design aesthetic, Everest White countertops can be adapted to fit your style!

High-End and Exotic White Countertops

Make a statement with your countertops and choose a design that elevates your style and brings a luxury touch to your home! High end and exotic countertops are rare selections that will provide a standout design feature.

Calacatta Do Brazil: A pearly, standout stone with dimensions of white and grey, the Calacatta Do Brazil quartzite seems almost luminous with an airy glow. This stone is from Brazil and is a perfect alternative to granite and marble for a more novel interpretation of white countertops. This design creates a silver aura that pairs nicely with cool greys, blues, or purple tones, and matches stainless steel appliances for high-end, luxury kitchens.


Princess White: This exotic granite features subtle blends of white and silver for a seamless, uniform look that makes it easy to match in different spaces. Princess White is quarried in Africa and has a subtle shimmer that can be enhanced with a high gloss, polished finish. This design will create a law-dropping luxury look when paired with ornate edge profiles and unique kitchen fixtures, such as metallic drawer pulls and faucets.

Calacatta Gold Top: This incredible white marble is interspersed with gold tones to give it a regal look that calls to mind luxury hotels. It is ideal for spaces where you want to make a dramatic, high-end statement for a countertop, bathroom vanity, tabletop, or furniture accent piece. Play up Calacatta Gold Top’s gold tones with warm tan, beige, and gold for paint and finishes.

Your Natural Stone Partner: Antolini Luigi

Antolini Luigi & C is the top producer of the finest natural stone, leading the way in technology, quality, and customer service. With more than 50 years in the industry, the Verona, Italy-based company is a worldwide distributor of natural stone.

Antolini merges a respect for the history and story of each slab with an openness to outside-the-box thinking that allows the company to grow and advance with new technologies for the natural stone industry. “Constantly evolving, the company has always supported new technology and development in natural stone processing – without forgetting the importance of quality,” Antolini’s story states. That commitment to technology enables Antolini to offer the highest quality stones that are perfected using their own exclusive methods.

MARVA is your partner in natural stone, guiding you to the ideal stone, design, and aesthetic to make your vision come to life. Choosing the exact stone and design is an art and a science, and having a consultant who knows the questions to ask and the products that best suit your needs can help make the building, renovating and designing process easy and stress-free. For guidance to the best surface for your project, call your local MARVA showroom today.

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