Modern Ideas for Your Next Kitchen Remodel

Modern Ideas for Your Next Kitchen Remodel

August 7, 2018

Getting the urge to renovate your kitchen? According to Houzz, the kitchen is the most popular space in the home for remodels and renovations. It’s easy to see why: Kitchens are the gathering place of the home, where meals are prepared and cocktails are mixed, and where many people have their favorite memories of family get-togethers.

Although timeless styles, such as an all-white kitchen, are here to stay, modern trends embrace varying color palettes and textures, and the integration of technology to add interest and functionality. Here are some of the most coveted kitchen design trends of 2018, and the stunning natural stones that help bring them to life.

Your Natural Stone Partners


Antolini Luigi & C is the top producer of the finest natural stone, leading the way in technology, quality, and customer service. With more than 50 years in the industry, the Verona, Italy-based company is a worldwide distributor of natural stone.

Antolini merges a respect for the history and story of each slab with an openness to outside-the-box thinking that allows the company to grow and advance with new technologies for the natural stone industry. “Constantly evolving, the company has always supported new technology and development in natural stone processing – without forgetting the importance of quality,” Antolini’s story states. That commitment to technology enables Antolini to offer the highest quality stones that are perfected using their own exclusive methods.

In addition to the traditional sanding, polishing, brush hammering, sandblasting and flaming processes, Antolini offers their exclusive ARF® (Antolini Riven Finish) and AHF® (Antolini Hydro Finish) finishes for natural stone.


Neolith Sintered Compact Surfaces are the result of years of research by parent company TheSize, in Spain. Profound dedication to innovation has resulted in technologies that make Neolith unmatched in the industry. Among the most important of these is their Sintering Technology, which subjects 100% natural materials to very high pressures and temperatures, creating unprecedented physical and mechanical features.

Neolith surfaces are made from three groups of elements: minerals from granite (quartz and feldspar), which provide the product with hardness and strength; minerals from glass and silica that provide chemical stability; and natural oxides that offer chromatic properties. All of Neolith’s surfaces combine the very best natural raw material with state-of-the-art sintering technology, to create high-tech, durable slabs that are resistant to scratching, stains, extreme temperature changes, moisture, high traffic, chemicals, and UV rays.


With Cambria quartz surfaces, you may rest assured that you are getting high quality American-made craftsmanship and close-to-home customer service. Your quartz surfaces are responsibly obtained by conscientious partners and polished using 100% recycled water – a practice that saves an estimated 1.6 billion gallons of water per year. A limited lifetime warranty for all Cambria products and outstanding customer service further ensures that you will be satisfied with your Cambria experience throughout the life of your home.

Cambria products are harder than granite or marble, rated a 7 out of 10 on the Mohs scale, so their surfaces are unlikely to crack or scratch. And since the surfaces are nonporous, Cambria quartz doesn’t absorb liquids or food, which can cause staining and bacterial growth within the countertop, resulting in a more hygienic surface. Cambria is NSF-51 certified for food and splash zone use. Cambria is also GREENGUARD certified as a low-emitting product for indoor air quality.

Vibrant Colors

Whether your style is colorful (perhaps through the use of boldly-hued appliances), or simply bright, adding some adventurous shades to your kitchen’s color scheme will offer a wealth of options to personalize your space.

Navy blues, candy-apple reds, and sunny yellows are the primary colors of accent shades. You can add some interest to an otherwise all-white kitchen by adding bright red bar stools to the island, or a yellow-and-white patterned backsplash to maintain the pristine lines of an all-white aesthetic without it feeling too stark or monochrome.

Another hot trend is to paint kitchen cabinets in one of these eye-catching shades while keeping the countertops or backsplashes more neutral in tone. Whether you opt for a brighter hue or something approaching a pastel (i.e., lime green vs sage green), the best way to avoid clashing is to choose a main accent color or kitchen fixture to highlight, and pair it with understated designs and patterns. Bright white countertops such as Cambria’s Ella™, with long, fine grey veins on an ivory background, are an excellent choice to add a touch of luxury to your kitchen.

Ella™ by CAMBRIA®

Alternatively, opt for a warm, sandy beige design like Millenium Cream granite alongside a soft green for a classic, cottage-chic appearance that is warm and inviting.

Millenium Cream granite

Another option is a trendy grey design, like Neolith’s Basalt Grey for a more understated, masculine ambience.

Basalt Grey by Neolith

Black Countertops

There are plenty of reasons to embrace the moodier, unexpected twist of a dark countertop. Black has the same sleek appeal of white, but with lower maintenance that feels less sterile. Pure black countertops, like the Nero design by Neolith, feature no patterns or movement if you’re seeking a minimalistic effect.

Nero by Neolith

You may alternatively choose to add some drama to your surface with the stark white veins of the Merseydesign by Cambria, ideal for a black and white kitchen.

Mersey™ by CAMBRIA®

A softer alternative is a black design with brushstrokes of grey, like Virginia Mist granite from Culpepper, Virginia.

Virginia Mist Granite, Honed

Whatever design you choose, a black countertop is an ideal opportunity to consider different finish options. A matte surface, like Neolith’s Satin option, Cambria Matte, or a honed natural stone, does not reflect light and transforms your black countertop into a velvety surface that invites touch. A high-shine polish, on the other hand, makes the most of any sparkle within the stone.

To keep your black countertops from feeling foreboding in the kitchen, pair them with natural finishes, like natural wood floors or cabinets, and a lighter overall color scheme throughout.

Detailed Hardware

Although some homeowners still love the look of the linear, handle-less cabinets that used to be a must-have for minimalistic kitchens, 2018 trends embrace the look and practicality of drawer pulls and cabinet hardware. In fact, many homeowners are choosing unexpected shades and finishes, like copper and rose gold.

Elongated, horizontal drawer pulls and cabinet handles emphasize the clean lines of a kitchen, and their no-frills appearance make them ideal for streamlined or minimalistic kitchens, especially when paired with low-profile Neolith countertops in a sleek white, like the Calacatta design, which mimics the look of white Calacatta marble.

Calacatta by Neolith

You could also opt for a darker brown, rubbed-bronze finish with a more ornate style to match warm-toned countertops, like the Monte Carlo quartzite design, to both enhance its dark brown tones and create an old-world elegance in the kitchen.

Monte Carlo quartzite

Another option is to opt for a simplistic look, like half-moon shaped drawer pulls and knobs in either a classic brushed nickel or solid black finish, to allow your countertops to truly steal the show. This is the ideal choice alongside eye-catching designs, like the regal Annicca™ design by Cambria, which incorporates sweeping grey veins and flecks of purple.

Annicca™ by CAMBRIA®


Smart Kitchen Technology

Smart living is not about having the newest gizmos and gadgets to keep up with trends; it’s about incorporating lifestyle-enhancing technology that encourages healthy habits and helps your family achieve the quality of life you envision. One example is the LG Smart InstaView Door-in-Door Refrigerator, featuring touchscreens that become translucent so you can peek at your fridge contents without letting out the cold air, Alexa integration for easy grocery list updates, and more.

LG Smart InstaView Door-in-Door Refrigerator

Other new tech, like motion sensor faucets, thermostats that learn your preferences, and endless small kitchen appliances that make your life easier, are perfect additions to your home.

While you’re upgrading your home technology, why not upgrade your countertops as well? Natural stones from MARVA are both beautiful and practical, fitting perfectly into your life. Neolith surfaces are waterproof, heat-proof, scratch-proof, and chemical-proof, so they can withstand nearly any sort of kitchen traffic without the need for time-consuming upkeep. Similarly, Cambria quartz is durable, beautiful, and maintenance-free. With surfaces from MARVA, even natural stone is receiving a 21st-century makeover!

Planning a renovation? To choose the best design for your project, schedule an appointment with one of MARVA®’s Galleria Consultants. We can help guide you to the ideal stone, design, and aesthetic to make your vision come to life, and make the process stress-free. For guidance on the best surface for your project, call your local MARVA® showroom today.


Photo Attributions:
Millenium Cream Granite
Virginia Mist Granite Honed
LG Fridge

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