Neolith: The Ideal Stone for Climate Resilience

Neolith: The Ideal Stone for Climate Resilience

October 23, 2018

Climate change is a hot topic across the globe. Many architects and builders are feeling a professional obligation to figure out how to minimize their carbon footprints and embrace sustainable and resilient design.

Climate change is a hot topic across the globe. Many architects and builders are feeling a professional obligation to figure out how to minimize their carbon footprints and embrace sustainable and resilient design. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA), the “Building Sector” consumes nearly half (47.6%) of all energy produced in the United States. That same sector is responsible for nearly half (44.6%) of CO2 emissions in the US – even more than transportation.

One way for architects to embrace more environmentally friendly practices is to rely on materials and surfaces from companies that are conscientious of their global footprint. An ideal option is Neolith’s Sintered Compact Surfaces, the result of years of research by parent company TheSize, in Spain. Profound dedication to innovation has resulted in technologies that make Neolith unmatched in the industry. Among the most important of these is the Sintering Technology, which subjects 100% natural materials to very high pressures and temperatures, creating unprecedented physical and mechanical features.

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Neolith’s Sintered Compact Surfaces are made from three groups of elements: Minerals from granite (quartz and feldspar) which provide the product with hardness and strength; minerals from glass and silica that provide chemical stability; and natural oxides that offer chromatic properties. All of Neolith’s Sintered Compact Surfaces are resistant to scratching, stains, extreme temperature changes, moisture, high traffic, chemicals, and UV rays.

Most Neolith designs are available in a variety of slab and tile formats, each with varying thickness, making it versatile and suitable for nearly any project. The larger slabs come in 3600 x 1200, 3200 x 1500, and 3200 x 1600. Tiles come in 1500 x 1500,1500 x 750, and 750 x 750.

Within the different slab and tile formats, Neolith offers varying thicknesses, including 3mm, 6mm, 12mm, and 20mm. The thinner options are ideal for wall cladding and other vertical applications, and can be installed over existing material to save on labor and costs when it comes to renovations. The thicker options are perfect for tabletops and countertops, as well as other horizontal applications that are weight-bearing.

Neolith is a lightweight material, weighing only 3.5 lbs/sq ft in the 6mm thickness, and 7 lbs/sq ft in the 12mm thickness. This makes transportation much easier for fabricators and installers, as well.

Why Neolith Is a Climate-Friendly Choice

Neolith is 100% eco-friendly, using natural materials and technologies that respect the environment. Their sintered stones are sustainably and responsibly manufactured, complying with every European Environmental safety standard.

Neolith surfaces are made of natural materials including clays, feldspar, silica, and mineral oxide, and are 100% resin-free as well as 100% recyclable. In fact, up to 52% of any Neolith surface is comprised of recycled raw materials, and don’t release any harmful substances into the air.

The technology and precision used to manufacture Neolith’s surfaces ensures optimum efficiency in terms of energy consumption and use of raw materials. The production and lifecycle of the surfaces incurs the minimum possible impact on the environment, and the end product is fully recyclable.

Here are some highlights of Neolith’s environmental consciousness:

GREENGUARD CERTIFICATION (formerly GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certification): Certifies that Neolith meets strict chemical emissions limits, contributing to a healthier interior.

GREENGUARD GOLD CERTIFICATION (formerly GREENGUARD Children & Schools Certification): Certifies that Neolith is safe indoors for sensitive individuals (such as children and the elderly) and ensures that the product is acceptable for use in environments such as schools and healthcare facilities.

LEED Points Earner: LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is a program that provides third- party verification of green buildings. Neolith satisfies safety prerequisites and earns points to help consumers achieve the desired level of certification for their home or commercial project.

Another benefit of using Neolith is that the slabs require less labor and transportation than other surfaces. Since Neolith is an exceptionally thin surface, available as compact as 3mm and up to 20 mm, it’s lighter and easier to transport and install than other surfacing options. That means fewer trucks on the road – plus less fuel used for transport, and fewer CO omissions from transporting materials.

Neolith also creates less material waste than some other surfaces. Since there are so many options for slab and tile sizes, it is easier for Neolith surfaces to be fitted to various applications. Rather than having to cut multiple slabs to fill one space or one shape of an application site, Neolith’s large slabs can be easily cut to fit, leaving fewer remnants to dispose of.

Other Reasons to Love Neolith

Neolith’s Sintered Compact Surfaces combine the very best natural raw material with state-of-the-art sintering technology, to create a 100% natural and organic surface, ideal for any home or commercial project. It’s such an ideal surface, in fact, that it’s a favorite of HGTV’s Property Brothers, Drew and Jonathan Scott!

Here are a few of the reasons you’ll love Neolith.


Neolith brings to life sleek and modern designs, while offering one of the most durable surfaces available on the market today.


Since Neolith surfaces are nonporous and resistant to etching, they are one of the most hygienic options on the market for kitchens, food preparation stations, and other applications where sanitation is critical. They can be cleaned with natural cleansers, like vinegar, eliminating the need for harsh chemicals in the kitchen, which cuts down on the amount of harmful substances washed down the drain.


Neolith’s surfaces are resistant to scratching, stains, extreme temperature changes, moisture, high traffic, chemicals, and UV rays. Because Neolith’s surfaces aren’t easily damaged, they won’t need to be replaced as often, which means less waste for materials and surfaces as well as less fuel consumption from fewer installations and construction projects.


Neolith surfaces are resistant to warping under high pressure or weight loads, making them perfect for flooring in areas with high foot traffic or even heavy machinery. Again, less damage means fewer remodels – and less energy, fuel, and labor required to replace the surfaces in a space.


With an extensive catalog of designs and finishes, including ones that mimic the characteristics of natural stone, wood, textiles, iron and steel, there is an abundance of options to customize your Neolith surface to suit your aesthetic.


Neolith is offered as an exceptionally slim surface, available in thicknesses as compact as 3mm and up to 20 mm, making it lighter and easier to transport and install than other surfacing options, which also makes it cost-effective for fabricators.


Since Neolith surfaces are resistant to extreme highs and lows in temperature, graffiti-proof, UV ray resistant, waterproof and scratch resistant, Neolith can safely be used for exterior applications.


Neolith products are guaranteed by a ten-year material warranty, offering peace of mind that your surfaces will stand up to a lifetime of wear.

Neolith and MARVA: Your Natural Stone Partners

MARVA is the Mid-Atlantic’s exclusive distributor of Neolith surfaces. Our Galleria Consultants can help architects, designers, and homeowners choose the best Neolith product and design for any project, in addition to helping clients resolve warranty-related issues, and answer cleaning and maintenance questions, to help our client’s surfaces looking and performing their best.

To see full slabs of Neolith designs in person, visit your local MARVA showroom today.

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