Zaha Stone by Neolith: Design Inspiration and Information Beyond the Surface

Zaha Stone by Neolith: Design Inspiration and Information Beyond the Surface

October 16, 2018

Striking a balance between industrial and natural, the Zaha Stone design by Neolith features a dusky, cool grey body with fine white veins. As part of Neolith’s Fusion Collection, this design is described by Neolith as “a contemporary reinterpretation of Iranian Grey Stone.”

Striking a balance between industrial and natural, the Zaha Stone design by Neolith features a dusky, cool grey body with fine white veins. As part of Neolith’s Fusion Collection, this design is described by Neolith as “a contemporary reinterpretation of Iranian Grey Stone.”

Zaha Stone is named after Zaha Hadid, an Iraqi-British architect who was the first woman to receive the Pritzker Architecture Prize. Neolith said that “this slab is the most daring model produced in 2017 and, for this reason, it is being produced by TheSize in recognition for Hadid’s legacy... The Persian-inspired stone is the crown jewel of Neolith’s 2017 New Developments.”

Technical Information

Neolith Sintered Compact Surfaces are the result of years of research by parent company TheSize, in Spain. Profound dedication to innovation has resulted in technologies that make Neolith unmatched in the industry. Among the most important of these is the Sintering Technology, which subjects 100% natural materials to very high pressures and temperatures, creating unprecedented physical and mechanical features.

Neolith surfaces are made from three groups of elements: Minerals from granite (quartz and feldspar) which provide the product with hardness and strength; minerals from glass and silica that provide chemical stability; and natural oxides that offer chromatic properties. All of Neolith’s Sintered Compact Surfaces are resistant to scratching, stains, extreme temperature changes, moisture, high traffic, chemicals, and UV rays.


Neolith’s Zaha Stone is available in slab and tile formats, each with varying thickness, making it versatile and suitable for nearly any project.  The 3600mm x 1500mm slab format is offered in the 6mm thickness, ideal for vertical applications like wall cladding, shower surrounds or backsplashes. The 3200mm x 1600mm slabs are offered in the 12mm and 20mm thicknesses, which are best used for countertops, tabletops, bartops, or other horizontal applications.

There are also a wealth of options for tile, including squares sized 1500mm x 1500mm and 750mm x 750mm, as well as rectangles sized 1500mm x 750mm.

Neolith is a lightweight material, weighing only 3.5 lbs/sq ft in the 6mm thickness, and 7 lbs/sq ft in the 12mm thickness. This makes transportation much easier for fabricators and installers.

Finish Options

Neolith offers the Zaha Stone style in the semi-matte Silk finish that incorporates a light layer of enamel for a subtle shine and easy cleaning. The look and feel of Zaha Stone is achieved using their Digital Design process, a technology that revolutionizes and increases the design possibilities offered by Neolith for richer details and a surprising degree of realism.

Edge Profile Options

When installing Neolith on countertops, you can further customize your project by choosing from three different edge profiles. Since Neolith surfaces are offered in thin, lightweight slabs, homeowners have a variety of edge options to coordinate the aesthetic of the space -- luxurious, minimalistic, rustic, and more.

For a minimalistic, contemporary design, let the 12mm Zaha Stone countertop slabs stay as they are, with an eased and honed edge. Leaving the standard Neolith profile unchanged showcases the signature thinness of the material. This option is less labor-intensive than others, and is growing popular in the United States, as more and more homeowners select this minimalistic aesthetic for their kitchen.

For a thick, luxurious look that makes a statement, Neolith can be mitered together, to give the countertop’s edge a thicker profile. There are a variety of options within this edge profile, depending on how thick the mitered edge is – from a traditional 1-2 inches up to 6 inches or even 12, for a bold and stately style.

At the end of your countertops, you have the option of making a statement with a waterfall edge, which extends the surface from the countertops down the edge of the cabinets to the floor. This option exudes elegance and sophistication.

Design Tips and Tricks

Grey is a hot shade in the design world, since it’s a truly neutral tone that can be paired with any number of color palettes. In the kitchen, grey can help break up a monochrome white or pale shade, without losing any brightness overall.

Color psychologists and interior designers explain that grey is neither black nor white. Instead, it’s almost a non-color that doesn’t command attention. It calls to mind industrial spaces, and surfaces like cement, that exist largely for functionality rather than decoration. By interlacing the grey tones of the Zaha Stone design with white veins, Neolith creates subtle movement and interest that isn’t overwhelming or dramatic. When set alongside white kitchen cabinets, walls, and backsplashes, grey keeps the space’s overall look from being too glaringly bright without taking away from the blank-slate feel of an all-white kitchen.

Zaha Stone is nearly inverse of most marble-like designs, which usually are comprised of grey or black veins against a white background. Paring Zaha Stone countertops with a marble or marble-like backsplash, such as the Estatuario or Blanco Carrara designs by Neolith, creates an elegant yet contemporary space.

Since the Zaha Stone shade has slight green undertones and a variance of light greys, it won’t absorb light in a space. A Zaha Stone shower or fireplace surround creates a cozy, cavern-like feel without being ominous or unwelcoming. Using the surface in the bath – from flooring to wall cladding to vanity counters – can create a soothing, spa-like ambience.

The cool undertones of Zaha Stone are ideal for pairing with deep navy tones, like Hale Navy by Benjamin Moore. Not too bold or bright, navy blue walls or cabinets can add some color and depth to a room, and this ideal pairing of trends is sure to wow any guests in your home.

Another option is to make the most of the greenish tones of the Zaha Stone design, by pairing it with a pastel or pale green shade. Go for an option that leans closer to seafoam than olive to make the most of the design’s cool greys. You could also go retro-bold with a pistachio ice cream shade, like Mint Gala by Valspar, or deepen the overall atmosphere in a space with a darker shade like Water’s Edge, also by Valspar.

For a more feminine spin that is ideal for a bathroom vanity, try a dusty rose shade like Behr’s Sugar Berry, which feels soft and vintage rather than Pepto-Bismol pink. The imposing grey tones in Zaha Stone will balance out the girlishness of the rose, creating a ladylike, yet mature atmosphere. For a similarly whimsical effect that is more unisex, try a pastel yellow like Banana Cream by Sherwin-Williams for another on-trend color combination that will brighten up a windowless space.

Why Should I Choose Neolith?

Neolith’s Sintered Compact Surfaces combine the very best natural raw materials with state-of-the-art sintering technology, to create a 100% natural and organic surface, ideal for any home or commercial project. It’s such an ideal surface that it’s a favorite of HGTV’s Property Brothers, Drew and Jonathan Scott!

Here are a few of the reasons you’ll love Neolith.


Neolith brings to life sleek and modern designs, while offering one of the most durable surfaces available on the market today.


Since Neolith’s surfaces are nonporous and resistant to commercial-grade chemical cleaning solutions, they are one of the most hygienic options on the market for kitchens, food preparation stations, and other applications where sanitation is critical.


Neolith slabs are high-tech, durable, and resistant to scratching, stains, extreme temperature changes, moisture, high traffic, chemicals, and UV rays.


Neolith surfaces are resistant to warping under high pressure or weight loads, making them perfect for flooring in areas with high foot traffic or even heavy machinery.


Neolith is environmentally friendly, made of natural materials including clays, feldspar, silica, and mineral oxide, and is 100% resin-free as well as 100% recyclable. In fact, up to 52% of any Neolith slab is comprised of recycled raw materials. They don’t release any harmful substances into the air and can be cleaned with natural cleansers, like vinegar, eliminating the need for harsh chemicals in the kitchen.


With an extensive catalog of designs and finishes, including ones that mimic the characteristics of natural stone, wood, textiles, iron and steel, there are nearly limitless options to customize your Neolith surface to suit your aesthetic.


Neolith is offered as an exceptionally slim surface, available in thicknesses as compact as 3mm and up to 12 mm, making it lighter and easier to transport and install than other surfacing options, which makes it cost-effective for fabricators.


With the variety of compactness, finishes, and sizes, Neolith is suitable for a broad range of applications, from furniture tops, to counters, to flooring -- allowing designers, architects, and builders to push the boundaries of design.


Since these surfaces are resistant to extreme highs and lows in temperature, graffiti-proof, UV ray resistant, waterproof and scratch resistant, the slabs can be used for exterior applications as well as interior.


Neolith products are guaranteed by a limited warranty, offering peace of mind that your surfaces will stand up to a lifetime of wear.

Company Information

One of best parts about Neolith surfaces is that choosing the details of your design and customization is the most labor-intensive part, for the homeowner. Once installed, Neolith is virtually maintenance-free. And just for added peace of mind, Neolith surfaces come with a limited warranty to ensure the preservation of their beauty for a lifetime. Neolith is distributed exclusively in the Mid-Atlantic by MARVA. Our Galleria Consultants can help resolve any warranty related issues, and answer cleaning and maintenance questions, to help our clients keep their surfaces looking and performing their best.

To see full slabs of Zaha Stone design in person, visit your local MARVA showroom today.

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