Torquay™ by Cambria: Design Information and Inspiration Beyond the Surface

Torquay™ by Cambria: Design Information and Inspiration Beyond the Surface

November 13, 2018

A standout member of Cambria’s Marble Collection™, Torquay™ is a creamy, soft off-white shade that incorporates subtle ripples and blooms of grey for movement and interest. Cambria describes the design as “an instant classic [which] offers a beautiful marble-like appearance that’s both posh and continental.”

A standout member of Cambria’s Marble Collection, Torquay™ is a creamy, soft off-white shade that incorporates subtle ripples and blooms of grey for movement and interest. Cambria describes the design as “an instant classic [which] offers a beautiful marble-like appearance that’s both posh and continental.”

For fans of white marble who are looking for a less stark alternative, Torquay™ is an inviting shade that embraces the luxury of classic Italian marble, but with the enhanced durability that characterizes Cambria quartz. Each design in the marble collection is the perfect alternative to marble with all the beauty and maintenance free.

Technical Information

As with all of the 150+ designs offered by Cambria, Torquay™ is perfected by Cambria and embraces the beauty of natural quartz with enhanced durability. Cambria’s products are harder than granite or marble, rated a 7 out of 10 on the Mohs scale, so their surfaces are unlikely to crack or scratch. Cambria is made of 93% natural quartz, one of the hardest minerals on Earth, and 7% resin. And since they’re nonporous, natural stone surfaces from Cambria won’t absorb liquids or food, resulting in a more hygienic surface. Cambria is NSF-51 certified for food and splash zone use. Cambria is also GREENGUARD certified as a low-emitting product for indoor air quality.

Perhaps best of all, Cambria surfaces are maintenance-free; they never need to be sealed or reconditioned, and cleaning requires no more than a warm, soapy cloth. They’re also heat-resistant, so the design won’t fade due to ambient heat near a fireplace, hot stove, or heat styling appliances. Sudden and/or rapid changes in temperature could harm any natural stone, though, so it’s always MARVA’s recommendation to use a hot pad or trivet.

Cambria designs from MARVA are ideal for use throughout your home, from wall cladding, to fireplace surrounds, to kitchen countertops and bathroom vanities. You can customize the thickness of your slab to the project at hand, since their designs are available in 1cm*, 2cm*, and 3cm thicknesses. 

(*Select designs available via special order only)


Finish Options

Torquay™ is available in two finishes: standard High Gloss, which offers a mirror-like shine, and Cambria Matte™, an appealing low-sheen alternative that provides the same superior performance and maintenance-free benefits.

Cambria’s High Gloss finish provides a sought-after luster and polish, ideal for those who seek a high-end aesthetic for their home or business. Although some natural stones’ polish may show wear quickly as the surface dulls under traffic, Cambria’s enhanced durability ensures that the sheen will stay lustrous. A high gloss finish for the Torquay™ design is perfect for creating a luxurious aura, as the white tones will brighten any space small or large.

The Cambria Matte™ finish embraces the benefits of honed stone, but with the durability and nonporous nature of this brand. Like honed marble or granite, the softer texture and low-sheen appearance of Cambria’s Matte™ finish is perfect for designers and homeowners who wish to create a less fussy look for their surfaces, making them tactile and inviting. Whereas honing natural stone can sometimes compromise its ability to repel liquids, Cambria quartz will retain its nonporous nature whether matte or polished, all without the upkeep of recurring sealing to protect from stains or wear. In the case of the Torquay™ design, the Cambria Matte™ option allows the movement and veining of the design to show through while inviting a satiny touch.

Edge Profile Options

Cambria makes it even easier to customize your project to complete your vision, offering 19 different edge options for countertops. Whether you’re looking for ornate and elegant, sleek and streamlined, or rustic and natural, there’s an option that will provide the perfect finishing touch. Because Cambria’s designs run throughout the entire surface, just like a marble or granite, any natural stone edge is achievable to display the beautiful design.

The Torquay™ design is so versatile that it can easily be used with any of the Cambria edge profile options offered in your area.

For homeowners who want to make the most of the luxurious aesthetic of this design, a Cascade edge includes stacked layers of the quartz for a decadent, ornate option for classic kitchens. While the Cascade edge has a thicker profile, options like the Bryn edge embraces the interest and attention to detail of the stacked look, but with a sleeker aesthetic that is perfect for anyone looking to strike a balance between design accents and an overall minimalist appeal. For a simple overall look, options like the Seacliff edge feature a slightly beveled edge that provides a softer finish that is less fussy and allows the countertop design, not the edge profile, to command the most attention.

Design Tips and Tricks

White marble is a hallmark of luxury, so go all-out with a high-end kitchen finished with Torquay™ quartz countertops. Stainless steel appliances will match perfectly with the rippling movement of the Torquay™ design, and help to elevate the look that is this hallmark of Cambria surfaces. Opt for cabinet doors with raised or recessed panels for depth and interest, and splurge on a more ornate edge profile to round out that luxury look. Many modern kitchens embrace a light color palette, if not an all-white look, for that diamond-bright effect, which would compliment the Torquay™ design perfectly.

Torquay™ is just as suited for a more casual farmhouse kitchen as well. Paired with open wood shelving and a farmhouse sink, a marble-like countertop elevates the overall look of a farmhouse kitchen without losing the inviting feel of this popular style. Rustic wood accents and light fixtures or storage options throughout the kitchen can “dress down” the look of the Torquay™ countertops to balance out its high-end feel.

For a design style that falls somewhere in between rustic and traditional, a transitional kitchen is less cookie-cutter and more open to interpretation than either the farmhouse or luxury option. This design style embraces details from the past, as well as timeless design details balanced out with contemporary touches. Embrace the sophistication of a luxury kitchen, but add in some playful colors (think a bold cabinet shade) to make the overall effect feel personal to you. The Torquay™ design, and Cambria quartz in general, strikes the perfect balance: a classic, timeless look combined with modern technology for the best of beauty and performance.

Once you’re ready to choose paint colors for your cabinets or walls, use Cambria’s Paint Match Tool to source some inspiration. Through a collaboration with Benjamin Moore, Cambria created this helpful tool to suggest four Benjamin Moore paint colors that would complement your chosen Cambria design. For the Torquay™ design, Cambria recommends a neutral palette: The off-grey shade Barren Plain for those who want to embrace that light and bright look without the frigid feel of stark white; the olive-taupe of the Pashmina shade for a blank-slate neutral that won’t overwhelm the eye; the muted mustard yellow of the Splendor shade to warm up a space alongside the off-white tones of Torquay™; and the bold-yet-adaptable Dior Grey to complement the veining grey tones in the design.

For backsplashes, Cambria has three recommendations for related designs that match Torquay™. Ella™ has similar subtle movement, but with longer veins that keep the overall look from being too similar. Fan favorite design Brittanicca™ is more dramatic, perfectly suited for a vertical application, for a unique look that still upholds the same beauty and luxury of white marble. For a high-contrast look, the Ellesmere™ design has dominant shades of black and brown, with subtle blooms and marbles of blues and whites to match with the overall tones of Torquay™.

The Consistent Perfection of Cambria Quartz

Cambria Quartz offers the best of natural stone, improved and enhanced for every lifestyle.

As life is constantly changing and shifting, homeowners may find themselves wishing for more counter space in the kitchen, or they may love their countertops so much they’d like to extend the design to another application in their home. With Cambria Quartz, you can be certain that if you return to a design years later, you can still find a matching slab. This makes future renovations or add-ons easy and convenient, as you won’t have to spend time worrying about how to design a cohesive counter space. Homeowners will be pleased to learn that they won’t have to replace their entire countertops, for a small project like adding to a kitchen island or extending a peninsula – there will always be more of the same Cambria design available and you will always be able to find a perfect match.

Cambria also makes it easier to envision how the final product will look within a space. With many natural stone designs, it’s imperative to see each slab in person to better visualize how it will look in your home. The variations in natural stone means that two portions from the same slab can look vastly different. With Cambria quartz, however, you can be certain that the sample will accurately represent the entire piece used for your countertop. Take that sample to your home or business and get a better look at how it works with the light, paint colors, countertops, and your overall design aesthetic without worrying about being surprised by the final product or having to make a separate trip to see additional slabs.

Company Information

Rest assured that with Torquay™ from Cambria by MARVA, you are getting high quality, American-made craftsmanship and close-to-home customer service. Your Torquay™ surfaces, like all of Cambria’s designs, are responsibly obtained by conscientious partners and polished using 100% recycled water – a practice that saves an estimated 1.6 billion gallons of water per year. A full lifetime warranty for all Cambria products and outstanding customer service from MARVA, the Mid-Atlantic’s exclusive distributor of Cambria surfaces, ensures that you will be satisfied with your surfaces for years to come. Visit any one of MARVA’s five Showroom locations to see a full slab of Torquay™ in person.

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