Why Cambria is Perfect for Rental Properties

Why Cambria is Perfect for Rental Properties

November 20, 2018

Hotels, apartments, timeshares, even properties used for AirBnBs – these days, there are plenty of opportunities for short-term rentals, so that people can travel comfortably. When designing a space that will be used this way, it’s important to consider the increased traffic that countertops could experience, and the temporary nature of most inhabitants. For countertops in the kitchen and bath, this means choosing surfaces that are low-maintenance and durable, yet beautiful enough to make an impression on residents and travelers passing through.

Quartz from Cambria is the ideal surface for properties like these. Cambria’s beautiful, resilient surfaces will stand up to heavy use, while embracing the sophisticated aesthetic of a high-end, luxury hotel.

Cambria Technical Information

All of the 150+ designs offered by Cambria are made from the highest quality quartz and enhanced for durability to suit any lifestyle. Cambria products are harder than granite or marble, rated a 7 out of 10 on the Mohs scale, so their surfaces are unlikely to crack or scratch. Cambria is made of 93% natural quartz, one of the hardest minerals on Earth, and 7% resin and pigments. And since the surfaces are nonporous, they won’t absorb liquids or food, resulting in a more hygienic surface. Cambria is NSF-51 certified for food and splash zone use. Cambria is also GREENGUARD certified as a low-emitting product for indoor air quality.

Perhaps best of all, Cambria surfaces are maintenance-free; they never need to be sealed or reconditioned, and cleaning requires no more than a warm, soapy cloth. They’re also heat-resistant, so designs won’t fade due to ambient heat near a fireplace, hot stove, or heat styling appliances. Sudden and/or rapid changes in temperature could harm any natural stone, however, so MARVA always recommends the use of a hot pad or trivet. For easy cleaning, we recommend Simple Green®, an effective, non-toxic, non-abrasive all-purpose cleaner.

Cambria designs are ideal for use throughout any unit, from wall cladding, to fireplace surrounds, kitchen countertops and bathroom vanities. You can also customize the thickness of your slab to the project at hand, since Cambria designs are available in 1cm*, 2cm*, and 3cm thicknesses.

*Available by special order only

Why Cambria is Perfect for Rental Properties

By nature, the inhabitants of rental properties are transient and aren’t as invested in the longevity of a homes surfaces as a homeowner or other permanent resident would be. That means they won’t be concerned about maintenance or meticulous care, since they wouldn’t need to live with any permanent damage.

Fortunately, Cambria’s enhanced durability allows for their surfaces to stand up to heavy wear, weight, and use. An amateur cook whose knife slips off the cutting board is unlikely to leave an unpleasant gash in the surface, due to the hardness of the surface. A young woman who sets her curling iron on a vanity countertop while getting ready for a night out won’t cause damage to the heat-resistant surface. A honeymooning couple who splashes red wine on the bartop won’t leave a permanent stain on the nonporous quartz. And regular wear and tear, regardless of how many different people come and go through the property, is unlikely to leave a mark.

For owners of rental homes or condos, property maintenance means time and money away from other, more pressing duties. Fortunately, Cambria surfaces do not require regular upkeep like sealants or special cleaning solutions – soap and water is all you need to keep them clean. Spills and splatters aren’t a concern either, as the nonporous material won’t warp or fade when exposed to standing water. Property managers will be pleased with the reduced need to fix or replace their surfaces, leaving more time available to accommodate paying guests.

Where to Use Cambria Quartz

Cambria quartz is an ideal multifunctional surface, perfect for applications all over a home. Here are a few places that Cambria can be showcased:

Kitchen Countertops

Kitchens are the perfect place for Cambria. The heat-resistant, nonporous nature of Cambria ensures that usual kitchen traffic won’t cause permanent damage to your surfaces. And since this brand is easy to cut and fabricate, it’s simple to shape your countertops to the exact curves of your kitchen without too many visible seams. Best of all, Cambria is hygienic in the kitchen, since its nonabsorbent properties prevent the growth of bacteria from absorbed juices and spills, and its scratch-resistance provides fewer nooks and crannies for bacteria to collect.


Cambria’s surfaces are an excellent choice for bartops, which are exposed to frequent spills, citrus acids, and are regularly wiped and cleaned with sanitizing products. Since these surfaces are nonporous, they don’t absorb any spilled or splashed liquids, so they won’t swell, warp, or stain, even when exposed to deeply pigmented liquids like wines and juices. They also won’t react with citrus acids from a margarita gone awry.

Bathroom Vanities

Set the tone when preparing for a night out with a bathroom vanity made of one of Cambria’s breathtaking designs. These beautiful surfaces feel decadent and sophisticated, while their durability helps ensure they stay pristine. Makeup won’t leave a stain on Cambria surfaces, and heat styling tools won’t cause cracks or damage. And splash away in the sink or bathtub, since standing water doesn’t pose a risk to your gorgeous at home spa.


A stately desktop echoes sincerity, providing an atmosphere that conveys importance and offers a comfortable and pleasing environment for professionals to get down to business. For properties that will be frequented by working professionals, such as increasingly popular coworking spaces, providing a desktop or business center adorned with Cambria quartz surfaces demonstrates your commitment to providing a home away from home – minus the rings left by coffee mugs or stains from leaky fountain pens.

The Consistent Perfection of Cambria Quartz

Cambria Quartz offers the best of natural stone, improved and enhanced to suit any lifestyle.

As time goes on, property owners may find themselves wishing for more counter space in the kitchen, or may want to do further renovations to a space while maintaining a cohesive design. With Cambria Quartz, you can be certain that if you return to a design years later, you can still find a matching slab. This makes future updates or add-ons easy and convenient, since you can use your surfaces to tie your whole home together. Homeowners will be pleased to learn that they won’t have to replace their entire countertops for a small project like adding a kitchen island or extending a peninsula – there will always be more of the same Cambria design available and you will always be able to find a perfect match.

Cambria also makes it easier to envision how the final product will look within a space. With natural stone, it’s imperative to see each slab in person to better visualize how it will look in your home. The variations in natural stone means that two portions from the same slab can look vastly different. With Cambria quartz, however, you can be certain that the sample will accurately represent the entire piece used for your countertop. Take that sample to your home or business and get a better look at how it works with the light, paint colors, countertops, and your overall design aesthetic without worrying about being surprised by the final product.

Company Information

Rest assured that with Cambria by MARVA, you are getting high quality, American-made craftsmanship and close-to-home customer service. The surfaces are responsibly obtained by conscientious partners and polished using 100% recycled water – a practice that saves an estimated 1.6 billion gallons of water per year.

Every Cambria surface is backed by a full lifetime warranty, so if any problems arise with the surface, homeowners and property managers can be confident that Cambria will rectify the situation without hassle. And of course, MARVA is your local partner, and the Mid-Atlantic’s exclusive stocking distributor for Cambria, here to provide you with resources on maintenance, design tips, and product education.

With the quality of products and service provided by Cambria and MARVA, it’s easy to see why their quartz surfaces are becoming a popular choice throughout the world. Come see stunning full slabs from Cambria by MARVA at one of our five convenient showrooms today.

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