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Natural Stones to Suit 2019 Color Trends

Dec 11, 2018

Designers are already predicting the hottest color trends for 2019. Leaders in the Home Improvement industry such as PPG, Benjamin Moore, and Sherwin Williams have named their 2019 Colors of the Year, and the palette is wonderfully diverse: Moody blues, bold blue-green shades, earthy red-browns and ...

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Unexpected Places to Use Cambria

Nov 27, 2018

There are plenty of reasons to love Cambria’s quartz countertops in the kitchen: they’re nonporous, scratch-resistant, and strikingly beautiful. But why should the kitchen get all the attention?

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2019 Design Trends Using Natural Stone

Nov 6, 2018

Designers are looking forward to the new year and already forecasting trends and design elements that will define 2019. Fresh color schemes, mixing textures, and environmentally conscious materials will be embraced as an update to the fads of the past. Fortunately, there is a natural stone option ...

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How to Shop for Kitchen Countertops

Sep 10, 2018

Time for new countertops! Whether your desire for a change comes from a life event (a move, a marriage, or a need for more space), or just wanting something new, deciding to renovate your kitchen or bath is a lengthy process that requires a great deal of planning. Many homeowners are unsure of ...

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Modern Ideas for Your Next Kitchen Remodel

Aug 7, 2018

Getting the urge to renovate your kitchen? According to Houzz, the kitchen is the most popular space in the home for remodels and renovations. It’s easy to see why: Kitchens are the gathering place of the home, where meals are prepared and cocktails are mixed, and where many people have their ...

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White Countertop Options for Every Budget

Jun 26, 2018

White countertops are versatile, beautiful, and timeless – no wonder it is one of the most popular colors to use in kitchens and baths! A white surface can make an area feel bright and clean, while different variations in veining – from greys and silvers to beige and tans – can ...

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Stone Supplier vs Big Box: Where Should I Buy My Countertops?

May 15, 2018

Whether you’re designing your dream kitchen, giving your bathroom a makeover, or adding a dramatic fireplace surround to your living room, there is no shortage of resources for natural stone. It may be tempting to go to a big-box store for all your home improvement needs, but beware: you ...

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Marva's Picks: White Countertop Options

Apr 17, 2018

The term “white-hot” has never been more appropriate than when used to describe the popularity of all white natural stone kitchens! This monochrome aesthetic never goes out of style, and is neutral, but far from bland. With a broad variety of white stone types and designs, you’re ...

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How to Choose the Paint Color that Complements Your Cambria Quartz Countertops

Feb 5, 2018

You’ve fallen in love with one of Cambria’s 140+ designs and can’t wait to see it in your kitchen, bathroom, or living space. But you want to make sure that your wall color doesn’t distract or even detract from the stunning beauty of your countertops.

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Kitchen Countertop Ideas Inspired by 2018 Design Trends

Jan 17, 2018

Ultraviolet, oceanic blue, organic materials, mixed period accents: just a few of the exciting new interior design trends in 2018! For lovers of color, mixed patterns, and bringing some old-world charm into a room, get ready to experiment and have fun this year.

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How to Achieve Popular Flooring Styles Using Neolith

Jan 9, 2018

From wood to colored tile to seamless-looking stone – there are countless ways to create a unique look for your flooring. But for all these different styles, there’s one surface that can create the look and remain flawless, even after years of wear.

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FAQs for the Care & Maintenance of Your Natural Stone Countertop

Dec 13, 2017

Your countertops are installed and they look amazing! The next question on your mind is probably, “How can I keep them looking this good for a lifetime?”

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7 Ways to Incorporate Smart Home Technology in the Kitchen

Oct 17, 2017

Smart living is not about having the newest gizmos and gadgets to keep up with latest trends; it’s about incorporating lifestyle-enhancing technology that encourages healthy habits and helps your family achieve the quality of life you envision.

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Why It’s OK To Use Marble In the Kitchen

Sep 19, 2017

If you’re an interior design aficionado, you’ve probably spent your share of time admiring the rich veining and majestic depth of marble. There’s a reason many famous sculptures and works of art are made of, or incorporate, marble: its beauty makes it a work of art all by itself.

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