Visiting a Galleria

We invite you to begin
your journey with us.

Our Promise to Customer Service

At Marva we are dedicated to assisting you throughout the entire selection process of your material. It is our sincere promise to provide you with not only the best possible service, but also offer the best selection and quality of natural stones from around the world.

Welcome to MARVA

At MARVA, your experience is our priority. We encourage you to visit one of our four gallerias, and speak with our trained professionals, who can help you explore your options and offer guidance to determine which natural stone product is best for you.

Preparation Prior to Visiting
a MARVA Galleria

MARVA suggests that you have the following items before coming into the galleria.

  • Designs samples of particular patterns
  • Cabinetry samples or floor samples
  • Paint samples for color in the room
  • Photos of stones you have researched prior to arrival

Our Gallerias Provide a
Personal Galleria Consultant

Each of our gallerias have trained Galleria Consultants to ensure the selection process is an enjoyable and effective experience.

A Galleria Consultant is able to provide the following services for our customers:

  • Assist during the design selection process
  • Provide product knowledge
  • Offer design inspiration
  • Communicate final design selections to fabricators

Obtaining Your Material From MARVA

Upon selecting your desired stone, one of our galleria consultants will place your selection on hold. Your selection information will be forwarded to your fabricator, who will place your order. MARVA then ships the stone for delivery to be cut and installed.


MARVA does not sell direct to the public. When purchasing material, homeowners must make their purchase directly through their fabricator.

We understand the industry,

because we are in the industry.