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Brittanicca Warm

Full Slab brittanicca-warm.jpg
Brand Type Cambria
Stone Type Quartz
Collection Marble Collection™
Color Group White
Origin USA
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About the product

CAMBRIA® natural stone surfaces bring true elegance to your dream kitchen or bathroom with 100+ designs to choose from. More captivating than other quartz countertops and more durable than granite.

About Brittanicca Warm™

Warm translucent grey veins stream across a temperate white backdrop like venerable old rivers flowing into
a fog-bound harbor.
Design samples are a small select cut from a slab; they do not fully exhibit all the design characteristics of the final installed product. Cambria is pure natural quartz. Variation in the natural quartz stone color, pattern, size, shape, and shade are uniqueand inherent characteristics of this product. Cambria is not a seamless product; seams are visible. Where there are seams the product pattern and shade will change. Color blotches are intended and created into many designs to enhance the natural beauty. Cambria Matte™ finish will show surface markings caused during normal use, which are easily removed with an all-purpose cleaner such as concentrated Simple Green® cleaner. Galloway,™ Summerhill,™ Seagrove,™ Langdon,™ Ellesmere,™ Harlech,™ Helmsley,™ Princetown,™ Ella,™ Brittanicca,™ Brittanicca Gold,™ Brittanicca Warm,™ Annicca,™ Clareanne,™ Highgate,™ Ironsbridge,™ Queen Anne,™ Rose Bay,™ Rosedale,™ Delgatie,™ Skye,™ Roxwell,™ and Oakmoor™ have large visible surface movement not reflected in samples. Surface markings are more visible on monotone colors than multi-colored surfaces. White Cliff™ is a unique, light-colored design that will show markings during normal use. Galloway, Summerhill, Seagrove, Langdon, Ellesmere, Harlech, Helmsley, Princetown, Beaumont,™ Kelvingrove,™ Rosslyn,™ Minera,™ Parys,™ and Menai™ have natural free-flowing quartz crystals, resulting in surface deviations to the touch and appearance. These variations do not affect performance and do not qualify for product replacement. Cambria is durable and more resistant to surface damage than other stone. However, all stone can be damaged by force and no stone is chip proof. Objects hitting edges, particularly at sinks or dishwashers, may cause chips. Though a minor knife slip will dull the knife and not harm Cambria, no stone surface is scratch proof. Natural stone surfaces can be damaged by sudden and/or rapid change of temperature, especially near the edges, as well as direct and/or sustained heating of the top. Cambria may not withstand the direct transfer of heat from pots and pans and other cooking units such as electric frying pans, griddles, slow cookers, roaster ovens, and heat lamps. Therefore, the use of a closed-weave hot pad or solid trivet like a bread board is always recommended to prevent heating the product. Cambria is not a structural support material and must be supported in every application. 2cm and 3cm thicknesses are for countertops; 1cm thicknesses are for horizontal and vertical surface finishes such as walls, tub and shower surrounds, fireplaces, and tub decks. Semi-polished finishes (1cm) will not shine, and will soil and appear to stain from soiling. Galloway, Summerhill, Seagrove, Langdon, Ellesmere, Harlech, Helmsley, Princetown, Rosslyn, Minera, Parys, Menai, Ella, Brittanicca, Brittanicca Gold, Brittanicca Warm, Annicca, Clareanne, Highgate, Ironsbridge, Queen Anne, Delgatie, Beaumont, Kelvingrove, Roxwell, and Oakmoor designs are not available in 1cm thickness. Prior to purchase, view a larger representation of a design’s movement at