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Bianco Antico

Full Slab bianco-antico-resized.jpg
Stone Type Granite
Color Group White
Origin Brazil

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Live Inventory of Bianco Antico

Live Slab Views Lot Number Type Size Location
BIANCO_ANTICO_TH10381.jpg Enlarge TH10381 3cm slab 116x77 Portsmouth, VA Location
CIMG8249.JPG Enlarge D05487 3CM Slab 121 x 79 Richmond, VA Location
Bianco_Antico_111616_Long_Shot.JPG Enlarge D111616 3CM Slab 123 x 70 Richmond, VA Location
Bianco_Antico_TH10381_Long.jpg Enlarge TH10381 3CM Slab 115 x 77 Richmond, VA Location
Bianco_Antico_D05334_132x79.JPG Enlarge D05334 3CM Slab 132 x 79 Raleigh, NC Location
Bianco_Antico_D040617_127x75.JPG Enlarge D040617 3CM Slab 127 x 75 Raleigh, NC Location
1019_IMG_1297_BIANCO_ANTICO.JPG Enlarge D040617 3CM SLAB 128X77 Portsmouth, VA Location

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