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Learn About Onyx

Rare and translucent, onyx is a luxurious focal point that catches light and seems to glow from within.

USE: Lavish Interiors

Onyx is available in a wide array of colors and patterns, making it a grand option for countertops, vanity tops, bars, interior flooring and wall cladding.

LOOK: Radiating Beauty

With one-of-a-kind designs in almost any color imaginable, onyx brings further dimension to a home through its translucent appearance and the option to illuminate the stone with backlighting.

FINISH: Polished, Honed or Leathered

Most homeowners choose a shiny finish to bring out onyx’s luster, but you can also choose from matte or textured finishes to complement your style.

SOURCE: Global

Have access to the most beautiful onyx slabs that we source from quarries around the world.

COST: Luxury Investment

Onyx adds significant value and beauty to properties, and elevates a home’s ambiance with exotic designs you cannot find anywhere else.

CARE: Regular Maintenance

Protect onyx’s beauty by resealing regularly and cleaning with mild soap or a natural stone cleaner.

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Care & Maintenance

A general guideline for the care and maintenance of onyx.

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