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Blue Agate MARVA Precioustone

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Wild Agate Light MARVA Precioustone

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Crystal Quartz MARVA Precioustone
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Learn About Precioustone

The rarity and appeal of gems have inspired legends and fantasies for centuries. With Precioustone, you can bring this legacy into your home’s interior design.

USE: Versatile Opulence

Beneath its lustrous surface, Precioustone holds great strength and makes a statement in countertops, wall cladding, bars, murals and vanities. It is suitable for internal applications only.

LOOK: Natural Masterpiece

Precioustone is made up of mineral crystals including amethyst, quartz, petrified wood, agate, feldspar, fossils and other stones to form a breathtaking example of nature’s art.

FINISH: Polished

Like a well-cut and gleaming gem, polishing is the best way to bring out Precioustone’s splendor.

SOURCE: Global

Have access to the world’s most beautiful Precioustone slabs, hand-crafted in Italy by Antolini, the number one Precioustone manufacturer in the world.

COST: Luxury Investment

Precioustone adds significant value and beauty to properties, and elevates a home’s ambiance with exotic designs you cannot find anywhere else.

CARE: Low Maintenance

Regular cleaning with warm water and mild soap are all you need to keep Precioustone looking lustrous.

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Care & Maintenance

A general guideline for the care and maintenance of precioustone.

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