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Learn About Soapstone

Soapstone is undeniably beautiful — and people have appreciated this soft stone for millennia due to its incredible ability to absorb and radiate heat.

USE: Indoor and Outdoor

Often used as countertops in kitchens, where its resistance to acids is important, and on fireplaces where its unique heat-retention characteristic is valued.

LOOK: Inviting Warmth

You’ll find an intriguing range of veins and colors with tones that vary from light to dark. Soapstone also contains talc, making it easy to scratch, a characteristic preferred in rustic décor.

FINISH: Honed or Leathered

Choose matte or textured finishes to bring out your natural stone’s unique charm — and complement your style. Due to the unique nature of this natual stone, soapstone cannot be polished.

SOURCE: Brazil

Have access to the world’s most beautiful soapstone, including slabs that share the same source as Brazil’s famed Christ the Redeemer Statue.

COST: Accessible for Many Budgets

No matter your preferred budget, find the soapstone you love from our extensive and varied inventory, while increasing your home’s value with style.

CARE: Lower Maintenance

Bring out your soapstone’s character by regularly treating the surface with mineral oil, wax or a sealer — and watch your natural stone become even more captivating with time.

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Care & Maintenance

A general guideline for the care and maintenance of soapstone.

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