A harmonious blend of beige

Navonna MARVA Travertine

Travertine meets walnut

Walnut MARVA Travertine

Granite from
Culpepper, VA

Silver MARVA Travertine
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Learn About Travertine

Formed in hot springs and limestone caves, travertine’s textured and fibrous appearance wraps its surroundings in natural warmth and energy.

USE: Structural Accents

Travertine is a consistently popular option for flooring, paving, fireplace surrounds, countertops and exterior wall cladding.

LOOK: Unique Appearance

With its unmistakable look and charm, this natural stone adds character in a variety of colors to any space.


A matte finish will bring out your natural stone’s unique brilliance — and complement your style.

SOURCE: Global

Have access to the most beautiful travertine slabs that we source from quarries around the world.

COST: Affordable Investment

Travertine adds value and beauty for a more cost effective investment than many other natural stones.

CARE: Higher Maintenance

Travertine is softer than other natural stones and requires frequent sweeping or dusting to minimize scratches and wear. Protect the stone’s surface with a penetrating sealer, and remove stains and spills with a neutral or mild alkaline-based cleaner.

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Care & Maintenance

A general guideline for the care and maintenance of travertine.

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